City of Tallahassee, Former Ethics Officer Agree to Dismiss Lawsuit

City of Tallahassee, Former Ethics Officer Agree to Dismiss Lawsuit

Former Tallahassee Independent Ethics Officer, Julie Meadows-Keefe, and the City of Tallahassee have jointly agreed to the dismal of a lawsuit filed by Meadows-Keefe in November, 2019.

The latest filing in Leon Circuit Court on December 23, 2020 – shown below – states that the parties “hereby jointly stipulate” to dismiss the legal action. The filing notes that both parties are responsible for their own legal fees.

The original lawsuit claimed that Meadows-Keefe was targeted for termination by Mayor John Dailey and that he interfered with her duties as the ethics officer.

Before the lawsuit, Meadows-Keefe made several demands through her attorney, Marie Mattox. The demands included a public and written apology from Mayor John Dailey and a $450,000 payment. Meadows-Keefe also demanded that the Ethics Board Chair, Richard Herring, “publicly acknowledge everything she has accomplished over the past five years.”

TR is trying to determine if there are any other agreements related to the stipulation between the City of Tallahassee and Meadows-Keefe.

12 Responses to "City of Tallahassee, Former Ethics Officer Agree to Dismiss Lawsuit"

  1. Hey Mr. Mayor, did the city pay her a settlement? If so, how much?
    I know you read these posts, so give us an answer.

  2. This does not mean they paid her off. With both parties agreeing to pay their own attorneys fees, it likely means it was settled with no money changing hands. Watch the city checkbook for verification.

  3. Do not forget the City kept her on the payroll doing absolutely nothing for over a whole year just so she would become vested in the City Retirement System.
    Think about it: where does the retirement money for the rest of her life come from?
    Well Snidely it comes from this magical entity called “government” which means we the uninformed citizens are not paying for her retirement…right?
    WRONG…the money comes from the citizens – technically this magical entity known as ” government” has no money of its own.

  4. Mayor Dailey and his crack team of genius attorneys probley negotiated Meadows-Keefe and attorney Mattox from $459,000 up to an even Million. Yeah leftist governmental entities do work kind of backwards.
    Dailey is likely considering offering Meadows-Keefe a cushy position with local government soon.

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