State Report Shows 384,223 People Have Been Vaccinated

State Report Shows 384,223 People Have Been Vaccinated

According to a Florida Department of Health Report, 384,223 people have received the COVID-19 vaccine. This includes 14,601 people who have received the second dose of the vaccine.

Listed below is the daily distribution of the vaccine since December 24th.

The numbers for Leon County show that 6,850 people have received the vaccine and 12 have have received two doses.

Listed below is the age, race and gender distribution of the vaccines for the state of Florida.

3 Responses to "State Report Shows 384,223 People Have Been Vaccinated"

  1. It makes sense to distribute the Covid vaccine through the normal channels and supplement that with state or county run sites. Every Publix, Win-Dixie, Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreens has pharmacies already giving out flu shots. To have all of Leon county show up at one county health department office is not going to get it done very efficiently.

  2. The usual places to obtain a vaccination simply do not have the Covid -19 serum here in Tallahassee–like your GP”s office, Walgreen ‘s, CVS, ———you have to go to the County Health center on Appleyard Dr, wait in line for 3 +/- hours and hopefully you can get your shot……………….the folks responsible for getting this shot out to the public have done a miserable job…….make it simple to get in nearby facilities and open said door to everyone ..ASAP !!…AMEN……..

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