Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey Comments on Violence in DC

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey Comments on Violence in DC

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey recently commented on the violence that took place in Washington D.C. on January 6th via his twitter account.

On January 6th, Mayor Dailey tweeted from @MayorOfTLH:

“I am horrified at what we’re seeing at the U.S. Capitol today. This is an attack on our democracy. In this country we respect the outcomes of our free & fair elections and honor the peaceful transfer of power.”

“President Trump must immediately call on his supporters to stand down and respect the results of the election.”

On January 8th, Mayor Dailey tweeted from @MayorOfTLH:

Today I joined my voice with the voices of community and faith leaders from across Tallahassee to denounce the insurrection we witnessed at our nation’s Capitol this week and to renew our call for a peaceful transition of power.

10 Responses to "Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey Comments on Violence in DC"

  1. Another Democrat leader denouncing the events in DC, big surprise. What about the growing violence in our city? Did I miss him or anyone else denouncing the violence and destruction in 2020? Pandering Democrats in the city commission and Mayor’s office only care about keeping their jobs, not the citizens in this community.

  2. Sorry but, this was bound to happen. I blame Pelosi and ALL the Democrats and News Medias for spreading all the Hate and spending over FOUR YEARS bashing Trump with Lies and trying to oust him from day one with FAKE Evidence that THEY created. What would you expect. I seen the actual Videos, President Trump called for PEACEFUL Demonstrations, NOT Riots.

  3. Another PR stunt that fools no one:

    The mayor should address the homicide and crime rate in his city. The hunger issue, the excessive trash that I see thrown around the streets.

    Also, the mayor needs to look into why the Boulos Corporation does not landscape their project on Apalachee Parkway.

    You have to just look around and say what in the heck is going on that the mayor does not see some of these glaring problems that he fails to address.

    But, yet another publicity stunt, a trip to Costa Rica, political theater, political pandering and on and on it goes.

    We saw this modus operandi when the mayor was a county commissioner and although he is a nice guy and an educated person he simply cannot lead.

    Would someone with leadership ability rather than a Democratic Party operative please step up and file to run against this buffoon?

  4. Any chance we’ll get around to addressing the growing “local” crime rate, dealing with aggressive “local” panhandling, the “local” squatting of homeless, or fixing some potholes in the “local” area?

    … or is focusing on your “local” job too much to ask of “local” politicians

  5. What I don’t understand is how the mayor can be so ignorant as to not recognize that it was ANTIFA agitators that stormed the capitol!

    How can anyone be so dumb as to recognize that Trumps elite legal strike force of ‘Fartin’ Rudy and Lin ‘Not Insane’ Wood went 1-59 in lawsuits, because of THE DEEP STATE, not because their ‘evidence’ was ‘laughable’, ‘cartoonish fantasy’, or ‘something only an idiot would believe could be true’.

    And don’t even get me started on the Supreme Court! Deep State operatives this entire time! That’s how devious the Democrats are, secretly planting three secret Democrats into the Supreme Court during Trump’s administration! (It’s just a little surprising they keep on outflanking the real patriots, but I’m sure it’s all 5-D Chess?!?!) Why else would the unanimously reject multiple lawsuits, including one by the brilliant Constitutional scholar Ted Cruz? It is *clearly* the right of one state to define how another state implements their elections! It’s right there in the Constitution, basically on the first page somewhere!

    It is so obvious that the election was stolen by long term undercover Democratic operatives like Brian Kemp, who so brazenly took money from the Chinese / Soros connection in order to recertify the vote merely three times. How can anyone not see this overwhelming evidence and not understand the Clinton’s are behind the biggest fraud in the history of America!

    Hey, wasn’t Hillary Clinton going to get locked up or something? I’m sure that’s coming up soon!

  6. I’m appalled at the crime rate, specifically the homicide rate, in this city. Instead of addressing things that are under his purview he’s too busy running his mouth about things that he has no control over. What a pandering politician!

  7. It used to be John Dailey would stand up there with the whole city and county commission, then Elaine Bryant got booted, Bryan Desloge got the boot. His friends are looking thinner and thinner lately. Wonder if he will get the hint. In the end it will be just John looking into a mirror, a former Mayor. Hope he finds his peace. Prayers

  8. You have got to be kidding me. I bet John is filing for re-election soon. I expect that will be at Bethel accompanied by some frivolous nonsense as well.

  9. What happens with unattractive actors? They become politicians.

    You don’t need a press conference to say what everyone is already saying. Everything isn’t about you, Mr. Mayor.

  10. Wow the Mayor has a powerful voice! President Trump has essentially asked his supporters to do just that. Now if the Mayor would say something to the Speaker of the House to get off this moronic impeachment kick maybe we can passed the problem and onto a peaceful transition. By the way, has the mayor officially moved his office to Bethel Church?

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