McNeil Addresses Leon County Issues Including Homelessness, PBA

McNeil Addresses Leon County Issues Including Homelessness, PBA

Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil appeared on the The Morning Show with Preston Scott on Friday, January 9. He discussed several issues including the homelessness problem that appears to be growing in Leon County.

On the current state of public safety in Leon County, McNeil stated that after a tumultuous 2020 there is a huge focus on training in law enforcement agencies across the country. In addition, McNeil said there is a review of policies and procedures to ensure that law enforcement are meeting the expectations of the community.

McNeil added that there is a misunderstanding by many about the challenges and problems facing law enforcement.

With regards to staffing, the Leon County Sheriff Office (LCSO) is facing some of the same issues as the City of Tallahassee Police Department where the number of officers patrolling the streets are down over the last year.

McNeil said the there are not a lot of people trying to get into the profession and current officers are facing morale issues and asking is it worth it given the current climate regarding law enforcement officials.

McNeil also noted that the LCSO deputies recently voted to establish a bargaining unit through the Police Benevolent Association (PBA). McNeil said that the bargaining is different from the PBA bargaining unit associated with officers at the Tallahassee Police Department.

McNeil stated he was not sure why arrests have been down over the last 8 months. He said it was not related to the COVID pandemic and that it would require an analysis to draw any conclusions.

TR has reported that arrests have been down during 2020.

When asked about the homelessness camps being established around Leon County, McNeil said that they are seeing an increase and have taken action to evaluate the scope of the problem. He said hopes to sit down with TPD and other organizations to craft a course of action. McNeil added that it is counter productive to arrest homeless individuals who would be returned to the streets after a short period of time.

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  1. Wow, are we really seeing our fellow humans in such a disgusted light? It’s the homeless that are causing our crime? Most of these people have unGodly trama from way before they were born. Not to mention, all of the huge mental health issues. Also, it’s only been in the late 1980’s that we “shut down” our “Mentally and Developmentally Disabled” State Institutions… Tallahassee is a beautiful city,,, let’s have compassion and keep it Beautiful on the “inside” as well. You know what they say– God don’t like ugly and he don’t give a dang about pretty! So be nice people?

  2. Did Wally discuss the fact that he has turned the department into a total fiasco? He and his incompetent minions. How many were fired and sued while they worked for him with the state?
    He has 20 command staff, including 3 assistant sheriffs.
    The deputies are unionizing because Wally is a moron, who has lied, to them about everything especially getting pay raises and promotions.
    Arrests are down because he has turned all law enforcement to TPD and FHP, while completely destroying a proud department history that responded to citizens.
    Did Scott ask him any of this or just shine his shoes, like he usually does.

  3. POC, And we did escape, not a minute too soon, thank God. The only way to get away from all of that is research where you will run too, and how the city and county are operated.
    I thank God every morning I wake up to this beautiful quiet, law enforcement loving, kind, safe area we live in now for our retirement.
    We have none of these issues, small town living is the best. Whoever tells you Tallahassee is that small town needs to travel more.

  4. Incoming truth bomb. Reader beware! The Capital District is roughly 30% of my folk, most still living on their former slave owner’s mental plantation, run by the Demonrat party. The remaining 70% are mainly white folk who are also mostly registered Demonrats. Most folks in the Capital District are Gov. workers of some kind or another whether it be Federal, State, Local or Uni. or worse yet, students. And most students are leftist lunatics. The deck is stacked, the Capital District’s future is sealed given recent events. The Capital District will rapidly become like any other Demonrat city all over. A homeless dumping ground full of feces and a failure to be honest and do anything about it while still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome even though he’s gone. Escape the Capital District to a more sane district if you can.

  5. Too much emphasis on his enlargement of command staff and not patrol or investigative units. Not enough emphasis on enforcing the law.

  6. Homelessness persist in Leon county because there are too few social services as well associal workers who are more concerned with where they’re going to eat lunch at rather than getting up in people’s faces and lives rather than finding out is their real problem is, because a lot of people would rather sleep outdoors and use whatever monies they get to buy drugs than to go somewhere and pay rent.

  7. The homeless population has increased because surrounding counties are dumping them here. We have the kearney center (which does a remarkable job) but it can’t currently house any of them due to Covid. I wish people put more of their resources into this issue instead of political ads………

  8. If only the citizens could one day just wake up and begin electing more Democrats these annoying problems will finally be addressed.
    Wait thats what our beloved citizens have been doing.
    So what then would be the logical solution to the never ending problems plaguing our communitty?
    Gee Wally I cant think of anything the citizens could do to address the never ending problems vexing our communitty. Guess we will live with these problems forever.

  9. What little I know about homelessness is that the causes are diverse: mental health/drug/alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, dropping out from society or life without direction or purpose. Therefore the treatments for the problem must be many faceted. Most of the causes start with the family. It will take many agencies working together long term to address the problems.

  10. There is a huge homeless encampment behind the Walmart on Thomasville Rd adjacent to Bull Run. TOD was called to the scene where a homeless man dressed in cardboard was knocking at a homeowner’s door.

  11. Even in these Theatre of the Absurd Times, if you think that someone might truly think that homeless folks determine where to visit based upon whether or not a State Income Tax exists, you need to take a step back, take a deep breath and tell yourself “I don’t need to take life so seriously all the time”.

    Just because it is posted, printed, said on the radio/tv, etc., doesn’t make it so…

  12. The leaders in Tallahassee for years when I lived there wanted downtown Tallahassee to resemble Thomasville.. What a joke, that will never happen because they never take the problem of homeless seriously. The homeless hang out around Lake Ella, and local parks. A attorney was murdered in a walk way \bathroom in Market Square. There was a Homeless shelter built away from downtown and there is still a problem. Residents of Tallahassee do not be surprised when in 5 years your city becomes San Fran, you have the same Democratic clowns running your city.

  13. BC,

    And what bias is that? I don’t base my decisions and input on bias, I base it on data, results, and experience.

    You owe me an apology.

  14. John’s statement makes no sense. Even if there was a State Income tax, the vast majority of homeless do not pay federal or state taxes.

    Hopes opinion as to experience running an agency that has multi million dollar budgets is clearly based on bias.

  15. Tommy Mills is more focused, experienced, has the heart and soul and Sweat Equity to put into the job. Voters made a big mistake.

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