Public Safety Report: Property Crime Down, Violent Crime Incidents Up

Public Safety Report: Property Crime Down, Violent Crime Incidents Up

During the first 10 days of 2021, property crime incidents have decreased and violent crime incidents have increased when compared to the first 10 days of 2020.

The table below shows the change in incidents from January 1 – January 10 based on reports provided by the Tallahassee Police Department.

Total incidents are down 13.2% during the time period. The decrease is driven by the 25.7 decrease in property crime.

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However, violent crime incidents are up 32.1%, fueled in part by an significant increase in robbery incidents.

Robbery is defined by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as “the unlawful taking or attempting to take anything of value under confrontational circumstances from the control, custody, or care of another person by force, threat of force, violence, and/or by putting the property custodian in fear.”

Note: The incidents are compiled from daily TPD incident reports. Property crime incidents tracked includes Auto Burglary, Auto Theft, Residential Burglary, Commercial Burglary and Arson. Violent crime incidents tracked include Assault, Battery, Robbery, and Kidnapping. Due the time lag in identifying homicides, those incidents will be included in a monthly report.

6 Responses to "Public Safety Report: Property Crime Down, Violent Crime Incidents Up"

  1. Why does no one report details of violent crimes? All we ever seem to get is something like “Shooting last night at approximately 1:00am at the apartments near this and that. Anyone with information on this should contact the blablabla…..” How are the voters supposed to evaluate the effectiveness of our criminal justice system if we have absolutely no information?

    When possible, there should be a preliminary report, a report after the case is closed or after the court proceedings, and a follow up when the perpetrators are released.

    We need to know.
    Where did it take place? Include photos with photos. Was it well lit, dim, in public, an alley, next to the police station, in the woods, in a park, in a low-income neighborhood, in a upper income neighborhood?
    Perpetrator’s name with photos.
    How many people were present?
    What was going on; a family reunion, drug deal, bible study, hanging out in the parking lot smoking weed, kids going to Steak and Shake on Friday night…
    Who was present; felons, teens, white people, black people, Klansmen, 2A supporters, a high school band, senior citizens, college students, locals, a bunch of cowboys…?
    Description of the vehicles involved; monster trucks, low riders, VWs, hot rods, mini vans, army Jeeps…
    Were drugs and/or alcohol involved.
    Who reported it; neighbor, bystander, the victim, someone driving down the highway?
    How long did it take to be reported?
    What was the response time?
    Did people in the area cooperate with LE, or did nobody see anything? If there were 10 people within sight of the incident, how many gave credible information?
    What was the motive? If you don’t know just pick the three most likely.
    What was the victim or victims doing? Is it likely they knew the perpetrator, were they out walking their dog, a woman going to their car after work, a little old lady trying to cross the street, a person at a stop light, someone sitting in there living room watching TV, someone arguing about bills, a teacher arguing with their student, someone trying to help a homeless person…?
    Background on the perpetrators. Young, old, single, married, what church did they belong to, hobbies, activity on social media, education level, employment, home ownership, income level, did they come from a two-parent household, mental illness…?
    Arrest records and convictions.
    Time served for previous crimes.
    What laws were broken?
    Outcome of the trial; guilty, not guilty, sentence, why? Was the case dropped, why?
    Who was the judge?
    Approximately how many manhours went into the investigation?
    Review at release; sentence, actual time served, if released early, why?

    This is a lot, but isn’t that what journalists are for?
    How can we know who to keep in office and how to protect our families if we don’t have facts?
    Not to mention, the public would find this information very interesting and would sell like hotcakes.
    People are dying! Does nobody care about what’s going on in there communities?

  2. Local Thugs/Criminals are the constituency of the County and City Commission. Liberals figured it out a long time ago that a slim majority of city residents enjoy Government dependency. A Welfare Queen with 8 kids gets almost $79,000.00 if food stamps alone. Look what a poor person gets today, free/low cost housing, free CATV, free Smart Phone, welfare, free bus and free/reduce tuition. Why would they want to change? And most drive a late model car. That area south of Tharpe Street and West of Monroe has been the same for decades. Liberal Democrat Politicians learned that they can really prosper redistributing wealth in the Capital City.

  3. O/T – Add this to the list of crimes:

    The county’s Waste Pro has always been despicable about Waste Pro picking up yard debris in the county. The Commissioners along with Scott Maddox and Gary Yordon undercut services to county residents on the Waste Pro contract to enrich themselves and will not pick up yard debris. It takes an act of congress to get them to pick up a few twigs.

    Here is some breaking news! Waste Pro will not only NOT pick up yard debris, but if you want it picked up you have to call, place a special order, and pay an additional fee.

    They are using Covid-19 as an excuse saying that it has increased the “honey do list” and therefore has burdened their system.

    This is outright theft to county residents by Waste Pro and FDLE and the US attorney’s office need to investigate further Waste Pro practices; this is racketeering.

    Who all is involved in this should be charged with one count a felony racketeering for each resident they have charged to pick up their yard debris when residents already pay for this service.

    Why the US attorney’s office and the FBI have not charged Waste Pro with criminal activity perplexes me.

  4. My guess is that there’s a direct correlation between the decrease in Property Theft & Burglaries and the increase in Violent Robbery. Seems they’ve simply decided to cut out the middle man, and go directly to the source.

    Be safe and vigilant always. Remain ever aware of your surroundings and circumstances.

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