Local Numbers Show Suicide Deadlier Than COVID for People Under 55 in 2020

Local Numbers Show Suicide Deadlier Than COVID for People Under 55 in 2020

Despite the reported impact of COVID mitigation efforts on the mental health of many people, there has been little reporting on suicides occurring during the pandemic and how these outcomes relate to the impact of COVID.

Tallahassee Police Department data shows that 26 death investigations were ruled suicides in 2020.

Tallahassee Reports has obtained the age breakdown of the deaths ruled suicides by TPD. According to TPD data, the age breakdown of the 26 suicides is as follows:

– Under 18 years old: two suicides
– 18 to less than 25 years old: seven suicides
– 25 to less than 55 years old: nine suicides
– 55 years old and above: eight suicides

In November 2020, TPD spokesperson Alicia Turner indicated that the pandemic contributed to the increase in suicides. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also released information indicating that, throughout the pandemic, many people’s mental health struggles have heightened due to social distancing, financial distress and other factors.

How do COVID deaths and suicides compare?

In Leon County, as of Jan. 12, 2021, 188 people have died from COVID-19. However, nine people under age 55 have died from COVID-19.

These numbers indicate that for people under 55 — which is approximately 75% of the Leon County population — suicide (18 under age 55) was more deadly than COVID-19 in 2020.

Also notable is the fact that there have been no COVID deaths reported under the age of 25, but nine people in this age group died from suicide.

Did COVID mitigation policies contribute to the increase in suicides in Leon County?

Untangling the cause and effect relationship between government policies is difficult. However, according to other reports — including TPD data —suicides in 2020 in Tallahassee were significantly higher than 2019. It would appear that this information would warrant further attention from policymakers.

TR will continue to investigate this issue.

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4 Responses to "Local Numbers Show Suicide Deadlier Than COVID for People Under 55 in 2020"

  1. It is hard for me to make any comparison of this article. I don’t have the numbers for prior years to make comparison of suicide rates in the Leon County population. Was 2019 better or worse? Just the facts ….

  2. Ahhh… the way we spin the narrative in order to deflect accountability. These tragic suicides are/were not caused “by” the China Bio-Weapon Flu. They are/were a result of the foolish, nonsensical, politically-motivated, media-manufactured, and non-scientific based hysteria and reaction to the China Bio-Weapon Flu.

    These senseless and tragic deaths, along with many others, are on the hands of the DC R&D Establishment, the local political hacks, the Media PACs, and the treasonous Big Tech puppets of the CCP… who placed a higher value on political power and affecting a political vendetta, than they did/do on our lives, economy, children, elderly, and the future of our Great Republic.

    May God forgive them their transgressions.

  3. People by their nature are social beings. It would make sense that after months and months of being told by our leaders and the media to stay locked in our homes that adverse mental health issues would take there toll on society.

  4. Well over 1/2 of our angels would be alive today had the media and the leftists not had to resort to their Civil War burnt fields tactics to win and filled our dearly departed angels with fear hopelessness unemployment and everything else they threw out to win the election.

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