Public Safety Report: Led by Robbery, Violent Crime Incidents Up

Public Safety Report: Led by Robbery, Violent Crime Incidents Up

During the first 17 days of 2021, property crime incidents have decreased and violent crime incidents have increased when compared to the first 17 days of 2020.

The table below shows the change in incidents from January 1 – January 17 based on reports provided by the Tallahassee Police Department.

Total incidents are down 7.3% during the time period. The decrease is driven by the 22.6% decrease in property crime.

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However, violent crime incidents are up 64.7%, fueled in part by a significant increase in robbery incidents.

Robbery is defined by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as “the unlawful taking or attempting to take anything of value under confrontational circumstances from the control, custody, or care of another person by force, threat of force, violence, and/or by putting the property custodian in fear.”

Note: The incidents are compiled from daily TPD incident reports. Property crime incidents tracked includes Auto Burglary, Auto Theft, Residential Burglary, Commercial Burglary and Arson. Violent crime incidents tracked include Assault, Battery, Robbery, and Kidnapping. Due the time lag in identifying homicides, those incidents will be included in a monthly report.

2 Responses to "Public Safety Report: Led by Robbery, Violent Crime Incidents Up"

  1. Burglaries, assault & battery, and robbery are all up, however the last report showed arrests are down. “Houston, we have a problem! “

  2. Yet our mayor is too busy trying to act like he’s a figure on the national political stage. Maybe he should focus on protecting his constituents!

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