Airport Traffic Down 58% in December

Airport Traffic Down 58% in December

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a toll on air travel. The latest information from the Tallahassee International Airport shows passenger traffic decreased 58.5% in December when compared to traffic one year ago. The number of passengers was down from 78,462 during December 2019 to 32,524 this year.

Last month passenger traffic was 33,465 and November month-over-month traffic was down 55.8%.

The Passenger Traffic Report shows passenger counts decreased for the three major carriers. American was down 53.8%, the Delta Group was down 67.5% and Silver Airways was down 66.3%.

The graph below shows the annualized number of passengers for the last 24-months. The annual rate of passengers at TIA in December was 377,710. Due to the major decline during the last nine months, the annualized rate is 56.4% below the annual rate reported during this month last year. The annualized number of passengers is calculated by summing the previous 12 months of traffic.

The annualized passenger traffic before the Great Recession was approximately 947,000 in 2007.

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  1. I do not remember the Tallahassee Airport having so many employees with Eastern Airlines, Southern Airlines and Air Florida, all major carriers, flew into TLH several times daily. And I think parking was free back then.

  2. Compared to the sixties and seventies, Airline travel today really sucks. Going to Dallas, it will be via Miami. The leg room between the seats is sufficient for a midget or most ten year olds. Chances are, the Co-Pilot was in college last year. Gone are the day’s when “Captain Strong Jaws” with his gray hair and 50 mission crush hat were in charge. Oh you have a bag…that will be extra. You didn’t bring your own seat belt, that will be extra.

    Got time to spare? Go by air.

  3. The rental car agencies are a mess over there. All the agencies are working out of one booth when there is a booth for each agency. They drive the car rental up and they give it to you on empty and it had a parking ticket on it.

    The mayor should be ashamed of himself for letting these agencies operate in such a incompetent manner.

  4. A better graph would have been a monthly comparison between 2019 and 2020 to determine the monthly rate of change (ie monthly velocity). One would think that as the economy reopened over the last six months, then the rate of decrease (aka velocity) would have improved.

    Very disappointing article and potentially disheartening to readers who don’t see any hopeful change while in fact there was,

  5. Excuse me. EXCUSE ME!!!

    It is “INTERNATIONAL” Airport Traffic Down 55% in December.

    Where it cost me $55 to freaking park in the long term lot.

    Thank you John Marks and Republic Parking.

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