Florida PBA Executive Director Discusses New LCSO Union

Florida PBA Executive Director Discusses New LCSO Union

Earlier this month, deputies from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) voted to form a union for collective bargaining. Florida sheriff’s deputies have had the right to form unions for collective bargaining since 2003, and this is the first time that LCSO has approached creating a union.

Matt Puckett, executive director of the Florida Police Benevolent Association (PBA), said the LCSO union is planned to form separately from the Big Bend PBA, which represents the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) and other police departments.

Puckett said he thinks the decision to form separately was the right call because of the potential for competing interests if the LCSO union formed under the Big Bend PBA.

“Tallahassee police right now, at this moment, are locked in a pretty contentious contract negotiation, and the Big Bend PBA really needs to focus on that,” he said.

Puckett said the top focuses of the LCSO union are still being discussed, but one issue could be deputy salaries. He said deputies want to have direct conversations with Sheriff Walt McNeil to identify issues.

Puckett also emphasized that the goal of forming the union was to give deputies a sense of stability as well as influence on the future of the sheriff’s department.

“This was so much out of love for the agency that these deputies wanted to join and form a union,” he said. “They want to have a role in the future of LCSO because they love it.”

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  1. Senior Patriot, it was not necessary under Sheriff Campbell. He recognized he did not need an oversized command staff because he was a true leader. He made sure most of the budget went for new employees and for good raises for current employees. He wasn’t constantly adding command staff positions out of the air and creating non law enforcement positions like the current “sheriff” does. The agency is in the worst morale condition it has ever been.

  2. Remember Eastern Airlines?

    Those employees won and got their Union, but the company went under as a result.

    Perhaps If everyone who received a letter from Walt asking them not to unionize, would send back a reply asking for his resignation, for a no vote, this agency could be saved and the morale restored.

    I think the rank-and-file have had enough at this agency and deserve better pay. They are reacting to seeing their raises going to McNeils cronies.

  3. Unions are a money laundry for the Democratic Party which supports everything the Deputies are suffering from.
    The real bad guy hurting the Deputies locally is the voters who keep Democrats in power.
    Joining the union will hurt Deputies more and help them in just some ineffective psychological way. Dont do it.

  4. “Walt” was against the union and wrote a letter to every deputy personally asking them to vote against it. Things are so command staff oriented and unfairly applied to the troops this is the first time in agency history a overwhelming desire for unionization was brought up. Creating a “wellness” position making twice a deputy salary when the patrol division is understaffed??? There are more people on command staff than on a patrol shift. That help you feel safe? Everyone used to complain about the “good ole boy” system. This one is much more corrupt.

  5. Wally has completely destroyed a great agency. He has hired and promoted a complete bunch of morons. Is there a specific reason he needs 20+ command staff including 3 assistant sheriffs?
    Is he so busy in the hot tub he won’t make the simplest decision?
    The commission needs to do a complete audit.
    There’s plenty of money for raises and new deputies if he hadn’t hired so many cronies at $120K+ a year.
    He is the reason for the union and hates it.
    His BS is now be in the light.

  6. Hmmm… I have some defacement in front of my house that wasn’t previously there.

    Thanks for protecting my property, Walt …Not!

  7. Something tells me that Willie is not only a hater but bone dumb as well. Cops don’t live long after retirement because of all of the long term occupational hazards. Cops have been getting slaughtered for years, especially deputies. I was never in favor of unions, but the job has become so bad now that no one is applying nationwide. Defunding, political trials of cops for literally doing their jobs. Without a union, they have no legal defense or get access to same. Hey Willie, step up and sign up to pin that badge on big boy, doubt you have the stones or the work ethic.

  8. Unfortunately… given the Campaign of Hate and Disdain waged against LEOs by the NaziCrats, Media PACs, and Treasonous Big Tech puppets of the CCP… I don’t blame these brave men and women for seeking any additional support and representation they can. If that means a Union, then so be it. Lord knows the weasel politicians won’t stand up for or by them… those cowards will take a knee, bow to the Hate Mob, and sellout our LEOs in a second.

  9. This should be fun to watch. Walt as the Head Leftist In Charge will not be able to resist “encouraging” every employee to join the union.
    Those that do will likely receive such benefits as coming off the night shift, more favorable evaluations, which of course result in more favorable promotions and pay increases.
    Those that resist the union will be shunned and know what #ell on earth on the job is all about. But of course in a non provable in a court of law #ell on earth method.
    Yeppers gonna enjoy watching this social experiment play out in the traditionally union hateing ranks of the LCSO.
    Any coincidence the HLIC [Head Leftist In Charge] waited untill a few weeks after Biden was installed to spring the union trap?

  10. @Fed Up …A big upvote. Eventually, all government employee unions will end up like the Postal workers unions, and need bailouts. If you know anyone that’s been in the Postal unions, they’ll confirm how bad they are, from top to bottom…but especially in the sorting facilities.

    The government is the final arbiter of labor disputes, so it is absurd that the same people who settle labor disputes need a labor union to ensure fair treatment for its employees!!

  11. Once again we need to see the salaries of the deputies. I think they make to much now. When they retire they will bleed the taxpayers dry. Can’t have people retiring at age 50-55 drawing 100% pay and receiving annual increases. Many when they retire go to work for other LE agencies and begin working towards another taxpayer funded retirement. Enough is enough.

  12. Have the governor remove Walt for malfeasance, problem solved.

    With the money that is saved by LCSO not paying Sean Pittman (Walt’s campaign manager) could go to raises for the deputies.

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