Leon County Trend Continues in January, Arrests Down 39%

Leon County Trend Continues in January, Arrests Down 39%

Data from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Booking Report show that arrests during the first month of 2021 when compared to the same period in 2020 are down approximately 39.2%. The data shows that there were 549 arrests in 2021 and 903 in 2020.

This is a trend that began last year.

Arrest comparisons for various categories are shown below.

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The number of people booked into jail was down 45%. Arrests related to violent charges was down 35.5% and property related arrests were down 67.6%.

8 Responses to "Leon County Trend Continues in January, Arrests Down 39%"

  1. In the meantime, LCSO will camp on Pedrick Road, time and time again to run radar on the demon speeders of the East Side Ghetto. Clearly those east side suburbanites have malice and criminal intent as they drag race with shameless abandonment. Let’s keep those arrest metrics down, forevs!!

  2. Its been real sad to have to witness the chickification of LCSO. Back in the 80’s & 90’s a business could call LCSO about a problem and it was taken care of right there and then. Not so with TPD even back in the day.
    Now the pink panty waist LCSO has gone so far left to become a union shop. Thanks a lot Walt. So sad.

  3. A lot of reasons for the decline. The morale of Patrol Deputies at LCSO and their fear of not being backed by the administration who is so low they just want to finish a shift and go home. Work is being done at a minimum. It is not the same LCSO it was before. Still a lot of good employees who want to do their jobs. But the leadership is severely leaving them wanting…

  4. And later today, L.C.S.O. will post 14 “Community Watch” signs that will surely eliminate all violent crime. It’s Today’s Big Announcement” . WOW!!!!!

  5. WHY has it declined? Is it because the Criminals eluded the Cops? Or is it because Laws were changed so that you just give the Criminals a “Notice To Appear” and let them go for certain Crimes? Or because the Cops were Over Zellus in 2020?

  6. Perhaps this report should start including the number of outstanding warrants every month. How does Tallahassee compare with other cities regarding the number of outstanding warrants on the books?

  7. Just so everyone is clear… a decline in “arrests” does not equate to nor is it indicative of… a decline in “crime”.

    … carry on

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