New TPD Officers Sworn-In, New Program Announced

New TPD Officers Sworn-In, New Program Announced

After struggling with officer shortages throughout 2020, the Tallahassee Police Department recently swore in eight new officers in a ceremony at Gene Cox Stadium. In 2020, there were 38 vacant positions.

Along with the eight new officers that were sworn in, two sergeants were promoted and the emergence of the Community Service Technician Program (CST) was recognized.

The CSTs are non-sworn employees who will be responsible for assisting the community and sworn officers with non-priority calls for service. They will aid with traffic crashes, delayed criminal investigations, processing crime scenes and identifying quality of life issues in the community.

Lawrence Revell, Chief of TPD stated his mission last year when he was officially sworn in.

“My vision is simple. And that is to work tirelessly to unite this community-led assault on violent crimes and (on) those who would victimize our citizens,” he told a crowd of more than 200 at the Jack McLean Community Center.

One of his keys goals, he also noted, was making community-led enforcement more than just a tagline.

“What I think may be the issue in a certain neighborhood, they may not care about it at all. And if that doesn’t have a direct impact on them, on their quality of life, then maybe we shouldn’t put as much of an emphasis on that,” said Revell.

TPD is among the nation’s oldest and longest recognized police force, protecting Tallahassee residents since 1841. Approximately 400 sworn officers and 200 civilian staff make up the workforce.

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  1. Who would want to work in a community that consistently demonstrates hostility toward law enforcement? Still waiting to see all those social workers there are going to hire!

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