City Commission Appoints Rashad Mujahid as First Chairperson of Citizens Police Review Board

City Commission Appoints Rashad Mujahid as First Chairperson of Citizens Police Review Board

After nine members were appointed to the City of Tallahassee Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB), the City Commissioners voted to appoint Rashad Mujahid as the CPRB’s first chairperson at their Feb. 10 meeting.

Mujahid was Commissioner Curtis Richardson’s CPRB nominee and was appointed to the board on Jan. 27.

Mujahid is from Jacksonville, Florida and is married to Sakinah Mujahid and they have four children. He has attended school, worked and lived in Tallahassee FL, since September, 1975.

Mujahid graduated form FSU in 1980 with a degree in Criminology and minor Sociology and worked for the Social Security Administration from 1978-2019 as a Public Affairs Specialist, Claims Rep, Supervisor and Staff Assistant.

Mujahid is an Imam (Minister) with the Masjid Al-Nahl Mosque on Bragg Drive and is a current member of Tallahassee Interfaith Ministerial Alliance. He has also worked as a volunteer as a Muslim Chaplain for several state prisons. He is a former Board Member of Elder Care Services and former Chairman and Board member of the Tallahassee Human Relation Council.

Each member of the CPRB was contacted in regard to any interest in serving as the chairperson of the board. Six of the nine members expressed interest in becoming chairperson.

The chairperson will be selected annually. The City Commission also created a list of responsibilities of the position. This list includes helping to make sure the CPRB is following sunshine laws, conducting meetings, being a spokesperson for the CPRB as a whole and ensuring that Roberts Rules of Order, along with Florida Stature 112.532, “Officer Bill of Rights,” are in accordance to every action that is taken.

8 Responses to "City Commission Appoints Rashad Mujahid as First Chairperson of Citizens Police Review Board"

  1. This is not the first review board. Then Chief Walter McNeil started one in the mid 1990’s and it failed because of the members. Each arrived with such a singularly focused agenda that they could not come to an accord on anything. They were dibanded.
    So what drew the crowd of applicants this time? The death of George Floyd. Meaning primarly anger, confusion, and perhaps a dash of desire for revenge in the form of control. I suggest that it will be a great challenge to derive anything positive or insightful from those motivations. Mr. Mujahid has his work cut out for him.

  2. Rosemary,

    Nobody is denigrating anyone’s faith.

    It is disconcerting that the local elected officials who are all Democrats make political choices and not based on experience and qualifications.

    It would be nice for someone who is heavily qualified in law enforcement and Community Affairs hold this position. I don’t see that here.

    Curtis is interjecting political agendas rather than injecting qualifications and experience.

  3. I stand in opposition to anyone who denigrates another’s faith. Faith in God (whatever we each might call Him) is fundamental and helpful to civil society. Hatred or ugliness to those who believe differently has never been what Jesus did.

  4. I have never seen Curtis Richardson move in a positive direction, show leadership, or veer from the liberal Democratic Party operative agenda play book.

    Curtis making a political statement to further his own agenda and not thinking about what’s best for the people he is supposed to be serving.

    Curtis can’t keep crime down in his own neighborhood.

  5. The “facts” do not support the creation or existence of the CPRB whatsoever. An irresponsible and reckless use of valuable and taxpayer resources to say the least. This is nothing short of a political social theater show guised as a solution to a non-existent and media-manufactured problem.

    It’s simply a means in which to provide a false narrative to cover the mayhem and murderous riots, looting, arson, and destruction – which by the way, has now been shown to be part of a coordinated political campaign effort financed and propagated by the NaziCrat Party, their Media PACs, and the Big Tech puppets of the CCP. They should all be charged, tried, and convicted as accomplices to murder and sedition.

  6. Liberals love to grown government and tax the life out of the working people….sooner or later, the County Commission will run out of tax payer money. Why not just teach your children to be good citizens and when questioned by a police officer, be polite and answer all questions. Decades of poor role models in the black community is the problem not the cop.

  7. You have just FIVE Commissioners that oversee a WHOLE CITY but you need NINE people to oversee just 400 People? WHY?

    Speaking of the Sunshine Law……. are these Paid positions and if so, how much? (I must have missed it)

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