FSU Booster Exec Addresses Membership, Ticket Renewals and Future

FSU Booster Exec Addresses Membership, Ticket Renewals and Future

In July of 2020 Florida State University hired former Central Michigan athletics director Michael Alford to be the new Chief Executive Officer of Seminole Boosters. Before being the AD for Central Michigan, Alford was the general manager of Sports Marketing at the University of Alabama from 2004-2008, and was the senior director for corporate partnerships and sales for the Dallas Cowboys from 2008-2012.

In a recent interview on the Morning Show with Preston Scott, Alford discusses FSU’s current position regarding boosters, 2021 season ticket sales, and architectural developments within the athletic department.

Scott asked about how streams of revenue have changed dramatically in the past year and how it puts a bigger emphasis on boosters being part of the program. Alford said that when he first arrived FSU had dropped off from just over 16,000 boosters to a little under 9,500. He adds, “That represents about $6 million annually to our organization that we are not able to fund the operational cost of the athletic department.”

Alford stated that “The OneTribe campaign is a critical need for us to get our membership levels to what they once were.” He said the transparency of fund allocation is essential to getting more people to join the boosters. He noted it is vitally important for donors to understand what they are funding and how they are impacting the lives of our scholar athletes.

Although booster membership has declined, Alford said that season ticket renewals, which started on February 1st, are going well. They have recorded record numbers for the first week of season ticket renewals ever, and they are continuously getting their message out to fans about the affordability of joining the boosters and being a season ticket holder.

Lastly, Alford noted that he has hired an architectural firm to look at the athletic facilities and give feedback about what is needed for FSU to compete at an elite level. He said firm is looking at perspectives from other top schools as well as developing new resources that are unique to FSU.

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  1. After many years we did not renew our tickets for 2021. Honoring our flag and supporting future kneelers was considered in my dropping my parking space and tickets. Biden can now allow women to play?

  2. Since athletics played a big roll in FSU attaining it’s high ranking in the Top 20 of universities, why not adjust the academic budget for next year to help the athletic budget. Only seems fair.

    So someone please advise me on how spending money on an architectural firm is going to be useful in attaining an elite level of competition.
    Someone…anyone…even lame half-baked theories, wild guesses, or flat out lies will be welcome!
    Hello anybody?

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