UPDATED: Leon County Commission Receives Waste Pro Update

UPDATED: Leon County Commission Receives Waste Pro Update

The Board of County Commissioners met Tuesday and received a status update regarding curbside trash collection service by Waste Pro. The curbside collection service by Waste Pro is a monthly subscription paid for by residents in Leon County who want residential and commercial solid waste collection.

On Feb. 10, 2020, the Board of County Commissioners renewed the Solid Waste Franchise Agreement with Waste Pro and requested quarterly status reports to monitor Waste Pro’s performance and guarantee that the agreement requirements are being met.

The Solid Waste Franchise Agreement grants the exclusive collection of solid waste, recyclable materials, yard debris and bulky waste to Waste Pro, Inc. There are currently 29,000 residents subscribing to these services in Leon County.

The agreement with Waste Pro also provides compensation for residents for unresolved customer complaints. Most of the customer complaints happen because of hydraulic and oil spills on streets and driveways. Staff reports that the number of complaints decreased from 2019 to 2020 largely because of the efforts from Waste Pro management.

According to the meeting agenda item, Waste Pro has taken steps to improve customer service and reduce spills like retrofitting hydraulic systems with new hose assemblies, instituting daily pre-and post-route mechanical checks and shifting to a biodegradable hydraulic fluid. The company has also hired a dedicated hydraulic specialist.

Despite these steps, discharge of hydraulic fluids and engine oil on streets continues to be a problem. When leaks occur, the cleaning often does not happen in a prompt manner which leads to more customer complaints.

7 Responses to "UPDATED: Leon County Commission Receives Waste Pro Update"

  1. My land fill bin was taken by Wastepro on May 2 and has not been returned. This is May 10 I have call their office every day and have been told that to day is the day for return NotYet!!!
    Today I wa told that Wastepro o longer provides 64 gallons black bins Only 96 gallon are available
    Why do we need this company? They seem incapable of performing the job
    Doug Beard dougbeard63@ gmail. com

  2. I also am happy with Waste Pro.. They are always there week after week, hot, cold or wet. And if one puts their bulk waste out on the designated p/u days you don’t have to call.. I feel they do a great job.

    Their drivers and assistants are friendly and always go the extra mile if asked..

    P.S. I am not associated with the company and am a 16 year Tally home owner.

  3. Waste Pro does an excellent job at a very difficult task. When the weather is aweful, they are still out there doing the job.

  4. Waste Pro upper management guides their staff to avoid picking up debris piles and bulk waste. They even told their employees to tell the public that they are no longer picking up debris piles unless it is bagged and it is due to covid. This is wrong information and not true and the county stepped in and corrected it.

    Upper management at Waste Pro tries to relate debris piles to Talquin and tree service companies to avoid their responsibilities.

    This contract was negotiated with Scott Maddox and Gary Yordon and therein lies the problem.

    The people on the front lines are not trained properly and one of these days there’s going to be a problem and the county and Waste Pro gets sued.

    It’s ongoing and never ending and they need to get rid of all the upper management at Waste Pro and put in competent executives to turn it around or find a new company who can perform the task properly and legally. Enough!

  5. My Complaint: WHY do we need to call every time we have Bulk Waste to be picked up when I see THAT Truck picking up Bulk Waste every Weekend on my Street. Both my neighbor and I will have a small amount of Bulk Waste by the Road, 20 feet apart, and I called but not my Neighbor. Only MINE gets picked up. If they are cruising the Neighborhood anyway, WHY do I have to call, why can’t they stop and get it since they are driving right past it?

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