Leon County COVID Hospitalizations Fall to 12

Leon County COVID Hospitalizations Fall to 12

Data reported by Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration show that the current number of COVID patients in Leon County hospitals have decreased from 158 on January 25th to 12 on February 19th.

Five days ago, on February 15th, there were 80 COVID hospitalizations in Leon County.

The level of hospitalizations reported over the last two days have not been seen since the early days of the COVID pandemic back in April, 2020.

Check back with Tallahassee Reports for our weekly COVID trends report which will be published on Monday February 22nd.

9 Responses to "Leon County COVID Hospitalizations Fall to 12"

  1. Time to be back normal. This virus is long gone, just some people still freak out over it. I also think most of the deaths were just blamed on the virus when actually people died from heart disease, diabetes, cancers, etc but to scare folks they say it was the virus. Shame you cant even trust statistics anymore, even the hospitals lie. China caused this on purpose.

  2. It’s not a tinfoil hat conspiracy, POC, you’re are dead-nuts-on with that train of thought. Much like the race card, the conspiracy card has been overplayed into obscurity. Other countries are just collateral damage. America is/was always the primary target for the China Bio-Weapon. And don’t kid yourself… the NaziCrats were/are in on it all the way. Both China and the NaziCrats have/had the same objective… the take down of President Trump and the America First Agenda, and the destruction of our economy and Republic. They both want a nation of submissive, malleable, brain-dead, dependent worker bees.

    As I’ve always said; bombs and bullets are not the only way to destroy a nation.

  3. They put my friend in the hospital for Covid a couple of weeks ago just because she had co-morbidities as a precaution. She had no issues and no real reason to be there other than she was positive. She spent a week in the hospital. Makes me wonder how many in the original high numbers were truly sick.

  4. I do blame Trump for this Covid 1984 insanity getting out of control and him allowing his presidency to be taken over by the Covid Fascists in the NIH and CDC, mainly the mass murderers Fauci and Birx. After a month or two into this, we knew definitively of cheap easy treatments to prevent the deaths occurring, without a ridiculous vaccine through the prophylaxis use of HCQ, Budesonide, Ivermectin, Steroids and Vitamin D. HCQ, Budesonide and Ivermectin were categorically suppressed by the FDA, CDC and NIH. Proof that our government encouraged mass murder and it continues under the Chicom Joe Administration. And yet our Churches follow like sheep, government dictates. The same government that allowed the systematic murder of over 60 million (mainly targeting minority) babies in the U.S.

    Now I come to read there is a unique antibody the MRNA Vax has created for those who received it. This unique antibody has the potential of being targeted by a Bad Actor for bio-weapon purposes. It is the holy grail of bio-weapons. How to target your enemy’s population while protecting your own population from harm. My jaw dropped. This had never occurred to me. The Chicoms are pursuing the traditional vax route and have banned use of the MRNA vax. The UK and Russia have developed a traditional Covid vax. I am well past any tin-foil hat conspiracies as we are currently living in the twilight zone in real life. This is yet more proof that you have to be insane to take this MRNA “vaccine”. Think about where we get ALL and I mean ALL of our vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals imported from. The thought of this occurring is truly terrifying. And mind, I am not anti-vax and never have been, I am just anti-stupid.

  5. Do I still have to wear 6 face diapers at a time?… it’s getting hard to breath you know… what does Dr. Fraudci have to say about this. I noticed that the term herd immunity is no longer persona non grata, and might even be a “scientific” reality… hmmmmm

  6. Wow, 120 to 12 hospitalizations in a couple of weeks. Is this evidence the vaccines are kicking in? Will the county commission acknowledge this dramatic decline is serve COVID cases? No probably not, must continue the fear mongering. Masks and social distancing forever!

  7. So when are our rulers,….. I mean commissioners, going to drop the mask mandate. I believe we are the only county in FL still restricted.

  8. Wow thats a big drop. Sadly a few deaths in the last few weeks, but this means 99% were released. 28,000 cases in one year, 272 deaths. That seems very good. Less than 1% if you figure in asymptomatic or untested cases.

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