Biden Prepares for “Build Back Better” Plan After Covid-19 Bill

Biden Prepares for “Build Back Better” Plan After Covid-19 Bill

As President Biden and his administration is working to have his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, known as the American Rescue Plan, passed through Congress, another recovery package is currently in development by the administration. While the package may become unpopular among Congress-members concerned about high-cost spending, Biden (who served 36 years in the Senate) and his aides have been discussing the package with Congress members for weeks, and Biden believes a compromise will happen.

The exact details are currently unknown. During his presidential campaign, President Biden spoke about new infrastructure investments, combating climate change, and improving childcare, the manufacturing sector, and racial equality.

While there is bipartisan support for funding to improve American infrastructure, there is a clear rift between progressives whose expensive proposals are designed for numerous, chronic issues in the Democratic agenda, and moderates and/or Republicans who want by-sector spending to reduce costs. Top Republicans on committees have already expressed their concerns. Proposals that Biden made in his campaign have been roughly estimated to be trillions of dollars. There has been discussion among allies of President Biden for Congressional Democrats to use reconciliation with the new package as with the American Rescue Plan.  

This second package, continually referred to as the Build Back Better plan, is open to Republican ideas for stronger bipartisan support. However, the current focus is still passing the American Rescue Plan through Congress. The current goal is to have its signed by President Biden in mid-March. In a speech in January, Biden discussed a two-step plan to rebuild the economy post-pandemic that consisted of the Rescue Plan and the Build Back Better plan. At the time, the plan was to go into detail about Build Back Better sometime in February, although there is currently no set date for the planned speech.

Historically, deciding on how to fund infrastructure projects — via government spending, loans, or public-private partnerships, has been a major dividing line between the two major political parties. Both parties are currently working to have their respective infrastructure bills passed through Congress.

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  1. America can never build back better, if America can’t even learn to communicate, trust, and listen to each other.
    And it’s sad to see we as Americans can’t see our own wrongs . To the government and the people we all have history here, let it not go in vien, we are not called America by luck. United States is because we was once united

  2. Wow the trumpet losers are loose and bitter .I bet you morons are spending that relief money and yet are still complaining you are some privileged racist morons get a life

  3. I would rather have a President who is “Crude” then one that is “Corrupt”. We have WAY to many Lawyers in Office running this Country. YES, I voted for Trump TWICE and will again if he runs in 2024.

  4. Some of the comments here are REALLY over the edge. It is hard to believe that you really think this way … but I have no doubt YOU do. Very sad.

  5. Tony,

    He’ll be gone before the first State of the Union Address, and the NaziCrats will do it using the 25th. They’ll state what we all have known for years… he’s in the throes of Dementia and can barely remember his name. They’re already trying to get him to give up his Nuke authority and launch powers.

    The whole plan was to fraudulently install DJ Biden, then force him out using the 25th, and then install Harris with Pelosi at her side. It was a generational plan which take approximately 16-18 years to accomplish. Hillary was suppose to follow President Obama, implement the 2nd half of the plan, and usher in the fall of our Republic. President Trump halted their plan… and they’ve been trying like he// to get back on goal.

  6. This man is killing our Country. I’d say he has to go BUT, you would also have to make sure the next 6 people in line are gone too.

  7. Gas prices up .70 cents in less than two months of the DJ Biden Sadministration. That’ll sure help the low income folks, right? After all… who needs $2.00 a-gallon and energy independence, when we can pay $4.00 a-gallon and support terrorists?

    And remember… we “voted” for this (insert wink here)

  8. World Economic Forum, (Agenda 2030) globullist stooges, “You’ll own nothing and be happy.”

    The irony is the WEF is headed by, you guessed it, a German: Professor Klaus Schwab was born in Ravensburg, Germany in 1938. He is Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

    And this is how the globullists speak in unity for Agenda 2030 and the WEF, Build back better:

    The last time the world descended into globull Socialism so uniformly was in the 1920s and 1930s including here in the U.S. under FDR’s New Deal. What did that get the world? The globull socialists descended upon each other in a catastrophic planet spanning war. It got us genocide, mass murder and countless millions of lives. But that may be the goal after all. Depopulation to reduce carbon emissions, maybe?

    Continue embracing your Dystopic Brave New World, socialists, nothing good will come from it.

  9. The Country was “built back better” under President Trump. Plugs Biden, in less than 7 days, destroyed lives, the economy and our energy independence. One thing is for sure, the next 4 years are really going to suck.

  10. Being that his “build back better” logo sign fell off the podium while he was speaking on primetime I believe that is all we need to know here.

  11. I’m amazed by how many folks missed the whole premise behind DJ Biden’s “Build Back Better” malarkey. Interesting enough, and besides the fact that the slogan sounds like it came from a 7th grader, his BBB slogan was created and marketed “before” the destructive economic results of the China Bio-Weapon Flu Scandemic and the non-scientific economy-killing lockdowns.

    So… why would DJ Biden’s team create a “Build Back Better” slogan and and mantra “before” anything was even destroyed?… hmmmmm… would it be that they created the slogan first, then manufacture the destruction to fit it?

    China and the NaziCrats are two communist peas in a pod. Both had/have the identical goals… those being to bring down President Trump, reverse the America First policy and agenda, implement the Biden/China America Last policies and agenda, and destroy America’s economy, societal structure, and standing in the world.

    But remember… we “voted” for this (insert wink here)

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