Pamela Hall, Noted Tallahassee Environmentalist, Dies After Battle with Cancer

Pamela Hall, Noted Tallahassee Environmentalist, Dies After Battle with Cancer

On Feb. 22, 2021, Dr. Pamela Hall, a well-known environmental advocate in the Tallahassee area for the past 20 years, passed away at the age of 64 due to a four-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

Before settling in Tallahassee with her husband Dr. Scott Hannahs, Director of Instrumentation and Facilities at the MagLab, and their daughters, Maya and Clea, Hall taught ecology and statististics in Denmark and worked as a tropical biologist in Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica and Borneo.

Hall was born on Nov. 15, 1956 in Vermont, and grew up playing outside, whether it was horseback riding, skiing or even shooting streetlights out with her .22. She was driven by her sense of curiosity which ultimately led her to be the top of her class in high school and was admitted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

After obtaining an undergraduate degree from MIT in Molecular Biology and Humanities, Hall started working in Boston research labs as well as the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California. After beginning her career, Hall went back to school and got her Ph.D. from Boston University where she would play a huge role in the field of tropical ecology.

Hall chose to stay in Tallahassee after an extensive career traveling the world after becoming aware of her second daughter’s rare neurological illness. Hall, who quickly became an expert on her daughter’s illness, then spent most of her time taking care of her daughter and being a mother, while the rest of her time was used in sharing her knowledge about statistical modeling, ecological management and land-use ecology in the future development strategies in Tallahassee.

While working in Tallahassee, Hall was part of the Comprehensive Plan Revision Group and the Water Resources Committee, while also being on the Board of Directors for both Keep It Rural and Sustainable Tallahassee. Being so involved in the community, Hall was considered the most significant advocate for the protection of rural lands and water quality in Leon County in the last 25 years.

Hall is survived by her husband Dr. Scott Hannahs and her children Maya and Clea.

3 Responses to "Pamela Hall, Noted Tallahassee Environmentalist, Dies After Battle with Cancer"

  1. She always presented very well, knowledgeable, and contributed much to Leon County.

    She was a blessing and will be truly missed.

  2. Pam will be hard to replace, if at all. Leon county lost a tireless advocate. I learned a lot from her and always enjoyed working with her. Rest in Peace, friend.

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