County Commission Approves Funding for LCSO Real Time Crime Center

County Commission Approves Funding for LCSO Real Time Crime Center

At the March 9 meeting, the County Commissioners voted to approve funding for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) project, which is an information sharing center. The estimated $2.5 million project will be equally distributed between the County, City and FSU as part of the FY 2022 budget process.

Beginning in 2017, the RTCC project has operated 24 hours a day as an effort to help local law enforcement respond to calls and incidents in the community faster and more accurately. According to the meeting agenda, this project has provided analytical assistance for more than 700 LCSO investigations within the first year of its operation.

Due to the project’s success, the LCSO wants to expand this project through a “joint and centralized criminal intelligence information sharing center.”

The proposal for this project listed benefits of its expansion, including an increase in efficient and effective policing, an increase in officer safety and situational awareness, more structured and data-driven decisions and third-party transparency.

The Sliger Building owned by FSU is proposed as the site for the RTCC expansion.

6 Responses to "County Commission Approves Funding for LCSO Real Time Crime Center"

  1. As Tony points out: “what is included for it to cost us $2.5 million?” Exactly the problem with all of these govt. programs – most of it will probably line the pockets of their friends & family. Even worse, most people have no clue how much 1 million is these days! With Trillion$ bills being foisted on us by the Feds, a piddly $2.5 million hardly gets our attention!

  2. I am really tired of seeing Andrew Gillum’s name beside these articles. Looks like we are doubling up on the time is takes for a call. As a former dispatcher for the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, it does not look like it is needed. Maybe money should be used to enhance the 911 center.

  3. Something doesn’t add up here… I would like the rank-and-file LCSO to input their opinions as to whether this is needed or not or would the money be better spent on adding new deputies and pay increases.

  4. So… basically… it’s a consolidated 911 phone center. Remember when consolidating services was used/sold to us as a way to cut costs?… Only in government does consolidating services now end up costing more. Classic NaziCrat mentality… “Always More; Never Enough”

  5. If it assists in the Real time assessment of where Deputies actually need to be,then it sounds like a worthwhile plan.

  6. SO, your saying the Calls go from the 911 Center to the RTCC to be checked out for safety situational issues before assigning an Officer to the Call? Can you tell us what is included for it to cost us $2.5 Million?

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