County Commission Receives Report on Temporary Cold Night Shelter Activation Process

County Commission Receives Report on Temporary Cold Night Shelter Activation Process

The Leon County Board of County Commissioners received a status report on the updates to the temporary cold night shelter activation process during the March 9 meeting.

The Board coordinated with the Big Bend Continuum of Care (BBCoC) in establishing the temporary cold night shelter activation process. The County’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) was already formalized, but the Board requested staff discuss further updates due to lessons learned during the COVID pandemic. The process includes safety and temporary accommodations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CEMP provides an outline for responding to natural and man-made disasters, and it also includes the actions that need to be taken by agencies during every phase of an emergency.

The County updated the CEMP in coordination with the BBCoC to include meetings with agencies following the cold season, outlining the role of public health officials and establishing a planning committee for strategic recommendations throughout the year.

The current temporary cold night shelter process was established in 2012 and has been updated several times since then. The process begins before the cold season starts and involves all local, state and community partners meeting to discuss anticipated resource needs and site locations.

Once the cold season begins, the process requires a temperature of 35 degrees or colder for three consecutive hours before sunrise for a temporary cold night shelter to be triggered. Once that happens, a conference call with all community partners is scheduled to discuss the delivery of services and logistics.

Since the meeting with the BBCoC on Feb. 22, changes have been made to the temporary cold night sheltering process. The changes include establishing a temporary cold night sheltering committee to provide strategic recommendations throughout the year, conducting after-action meetings with participating agencies following cold seasons and involving health officials from FDOH-Leon in the site review process.

5 Responses to "County Commission Receives Report on Temporary Cold Night Shelter Activation Process"

  1. Renee, the system is NOT irresponsible or inhumane, its just you don’t like the rules in place. So, why don’t you work to change the rules instead of illegally and secretly changing a TEMPORARY Cold Night Shelter into a PERMANENT Sex Offender Homeless Shelter? If you follow the rules and the ordinances like the Kearney Center did, you won’t run afoul of the law. City Walk MUST shut down the illegal and unlicensed Sex Offender Homeless Shelter NOW!

  2. There are so many people that should not be on that County Commission… including Mary Ann Lindley, who thankfully retired, who have done great harm to this community. I hope there are people lined up to primary any incumbents.

  3. Ms. Renee Miller, your sentiments are admirable. But, you tried to pull a fast one and so the result is greater scrutiny.I am not denying this is a vulnerable population that you strive to support, but you gave no thought to the hard working men and women who neighbor your alleged cold night shelter. Your actions to try to bamboozle us are directly responsible for any additional scrutiny or strengthening of the process. I’m no fan of the city/ council leaders but look to your own actions and shoulder some of the responsibility yourself. Where is your outrage or sympathy when we are accosted by aggressive panhandlers? Are you repairing broken locks? Are you cleaning up the defecation and urination and other trash and waste that your folks leave behind? We are not 1% ers. By the grace of God, and my own hard work I am not homeless. I’m trying to keep it that way so I never have to partake of services you are trying to provide.

  4. Gas up another .06 cents… from $1.99 to $2.86 now… in just a couple of short months of the Dementia Joe Biden Sadministration and NaziCrat control. And don’t forget the tens of thousands of good paying jobs that were destroyed along with this insanity. Why be energy independent and pay $1.99 per gallon, when you can pay $2.86 per gallon and finance terrorism. At this pace, I may have to revise my prediction of $3.00 a-gallon by summer to $4.00 a-gallon by summer.

    But never fear my friends, you can shut down the entire cold night shelter operation… ’cause the Slow Biden Sadministration and the Washington Post claimed yesterday that the long-promised $1400 China Bio-Weapon Flu Scamdemic check will “lift millions out of poverty”… and remember, we voted for this (insert wink here)

    Gee, thanks Joe!

    The low income, impoverished, and cold shelter folks who bought your bag of lies.

  5. The current process is irresponsible and inhumane. We don’t leave our animals outside in 35 degrees! To wait until it’s 35 degrees or below for three or more consecutive hours is evil. Whatever temperature your heat comes on in the winter is the temperature cold night shelters should be allowed to operate! None of our City/County leaders leave the heat off in their homes until it’s 35 degrees for three + hours. Their lives are no more or less important.

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