Gov. Andrew Cuomo Under Pressure to Resign

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Under Pressure to Resign

According to Jimmy Vielkind and Deanna Paul of the WSJ, Democrat leaders of New York state legislature are questioning Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ability to remain in his position between allegations of personal workplace harassment and federal reports about his administration reducing COVID-19 death tallies from nursing homes.

While some Democrats such as Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins called for Cuomo’s resignation, Cuomo has publicly stated he will not.

Democratic State Attorney General Letitia James will oversee an investigation of the workplace allegations levied against Cuomo.

In an interview with the WSJ, former Cuomo aide Ana Liss stated the governor’s actions included touching her lower back at a reception and once kissing her hand when she rose from her desk. She also alleges that at a 2014 event in the state Executive Mansion, Cuomo placed his hand on the small of her back and posed for a picture.

Mr. Cuomo did not deny the possibility of Liss’ allegations, on Sunday stating “I say to people in the office, how are you doing? How’s everything? Are you going out? Are you dating? That’s my way of doing friendly banter.”

Currently, 5 women have spoken out of allegations against Cuomo. 

However, Governor Cuomo has denied the allegations of Karen Hinton, another former aide of Cuomo. Hinton has alleged that in 2000, Cuomo summoned her to a hotel room and hugged her inappropriately.

While top national Democrat officials such as New York senator and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said they would wait for the results of the investigation, Republican lawmakers and members of the New York State Assembly have announced a resolution to begin impeachment proceedings against Governor Cuomo.

New York Senate Democratic Majority advanced legislation repealing the temporary emergency powers granted to the Governor last year for the pandemic. 

7 Responses to "Gov. Andrew Cuomo Under Pressure to Resign"

  1. Why is this web page not being updated? This story and other stories/reports linger on for weeks, months and maybe years after their relevancy has ceased. Also, how fracking important to Tallahassee is Andrew Cuomo? Really!!!

  2. The conclusion of the Cuomo media fest will be interesting to watch but should in no way be looked at as any type of conservative victory whatsoever.
    The left gangs up on one of their own once and a while and eats them alive.
    Think of it in this case like a Bobby Bowden trick “rooskie” play to take the Nation’s eye off the mass slaughter of Grandmom and Granddad in the NYC assisted living facilities.
    Bright shiny object, look here, dont look over there!! And its working just as intended.
    Heck Cuomo is likely a part of this leftist “rooskie” play and doing the dance just like Bobby’s fumble rooskie quarterbacks did.
    Dont get too excited over this. Could be nothing but practice to see how the public reacts prior to pulling a simmilar rooskie play on Biden.
    Welcoming President Harris … hey … how did that happen? Oh yeah Snidely told us about it a while ago.

  3. I don’t see good things on the horizon for the Cuomo boys as unless they do a turnaround on their political philosophies they have put themselves on the road to failure. I don’t know how they have not been excommunicated from their church for one. This is going to be sad to watch.

  4. What Gov. Cuomo is par for the course for many leftist politicians. So why is he not being covered like Joe, Hunter, and countless others by the press? It’s simple Cuomo is not radical enough. Dont believe me? Just wait until you see Cuomo’s replacement.

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