Film Set in Tallahassee Debuts in Theaters this Week

Film Set in Tallahassee Debuts in Theaters this Week

Florida filmmaker F.C. Rabbath’s latest film “The Waiting” will be released in theaters in the Leon County area beginning Friday, March 12. The film, which is set in Tallahassee, is the director’s sixth feature to be completely filmed and set in the Sunshine State. Compared to other states, including neighboring Georgia, Florida is not particularly known for offering production incentives for aspiring filmmakers.

“The Waiting” is a “horromedy” film — a new spin on horror and comedy. It follows the story of Eric, a young man who takes a job at a haunted hotel and encounters some unfriendly spirits along the way. As an indie project with a limited budget, Rabbath defied all industry odds when his work was picked up by theaters throughout the Southeastern United States. His previous film, “A Brilliant Monster,” enjoyed similar success in 2019.

Early screenings of the film have garnered widespread acclaim, with showings already guaranteed at The Montreal Film Festival, Golden State Film Festival and Sochi Film Festival. Film critic Paul Mount of Starburst called “The Waiting” “another enjoyable and hugely accomplished feature from Rabbath, who has worked wonders with a tiny budget.”

“The Waiting,” which Rabbath described as being “100 percent Florida-made,” will be screened locally at the CMX Fallschase movie theatre starting March 12, with other showings in Atlanta, Miami, St. Petersburg, Orlando and other cities. Big Bend residents can find pleasure in the familiar locales in the film, with the entire production being done in Tallahassee and Wakulla.

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  1. Mr. Rabbath, what do you call a Tiny Budget? I wrote 10 + 2 Screenplays for Movie ideas that I had for Years, one might be right up you alley and it is based here in Tallahassee. Two other Screenplays have a home base in Tallahassee and one is based over in Lloyd.

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