County Commission Approves Discretionary Funding Levels for 2022

County Commission Approves Discretionary Funding Levels for 2022

The Leon County Board of County Commissioners approved the Fiscal Year 2022 Maximum Discretionary Funding Levels for outside agencies during its meeting on Tuesday. The agenda item involves the establishment of funding levels for the Community Human Services Partnership (CHSP), Commissioner Office Budgets and non-departmental categories, including special events.

Discretionary funding levels must be finalized by March 31, according to the County’s ordinance. The Fiscal Planning Policy also requires that funding levels for special event funding be established by the same date for the upcoming year. As the CHSP funding runs on a two-year cycle, staff recommends that funds are maintained for the upcoming fiscal year, with a proposed level of $1,445,000. An additional $3.22 million was allocated as part of the CARES funding plan for human services agencies eligible for CHSP funding.

Specific services are provided to the County through contracts with outside agencies. These include the Tallahassee Senior Citizens Foundation, St. Francis Wildlife, Domestic Violence Coordinating Council and the Tallahassee Trust for Historic Preservation (TTHP) among others. The funding of these yearly contracts is at the discretion of the Board of County Commissioners. In total, these contracts add up to $776,734 annually for the County.

Outside Agency Spending

  • Apalachee Regional Planning Council: $8,800
  • DISC Village: $222,759
  • Domestic Violence Coordinating Council: $25,000
  • Legal Services of North Florida: $125,000
  • Oasis Center: $20,000
  • St. Francis Wildlife Association: $71,250
  • Tallahassee Senior Citizens Foundation: $179,000
  • Tallahassee Trust for Historic Preservation: $63,175
  • United Partners for Human Services: $23,750
  • Whole Child Leon: $38,000

Commissioner office budgets are expected to be maintained at $12,500 annually. Special event funding is also approved through this budget process, with participants including the Celebrate America Fourth of July Celebration, Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration and the NAACP Freedom Fund Award among others. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, the County continued to sponsor events throughout FY 2021, while adhering to CDC-recommended safety procedures. The Board recommends maintaining the Special Events budget of $37,000.

Finally, the Kearney Center, which currently has a five-year funding contract of $500,000 with the County, requested another five-year commitment in order to make financial ends meet, especially due to the extra demands that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the County CARES program, the Center was allocated an additional $2.7 million dedicated to facility renovations and other costs.

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  1. Rumors being heard locally that Tallahassee had the largest rate of suicides in its history in 2020. But, nothing reported in Democrat nor TR since November – Why not? – what resources available to address this additional health issue?

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    Gee, thanks Joe and Crew!

    The low income and impoverished folks who bought your bag of lies.

  3. There certainly does seem to be a clear lack of “diversity” and “equity” in the Special Event Selections. I’m also often amused when politicians designate mandated/confiscated taxpayer dollars as “discretionary”, and grant themselves the authority to spend them… often on themselves and/or in their own best interests.

  4. Some of this can be Trimmed. ALSO, using the same framing as they use to call THINGS Racist, some of these items can be considered Racist (3 Items in the “Special Event Agencies” category for sure).

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