Leon County Launches Online Homework Hub

Leon County Launches Online Homework Hub

Leon County recently launched Homework Hub, a brand-new online educational resource. Homework Hub is a voluntary after-school initiative offered by the Leon County Public Library System that connects students in kindergarten through eighth grade with one-on-one tutors through Zoom.

Rick Minor, Leon County Commission Chairman, said the new online educational resource will assist students in bridging gaps by offering homework assistance.

“Virtual education can play an important part in helping our children realize their full potential. The pandemic created new challenges for our children and schools, but Homework Hub will help bridge gaps by providing students accessible homework support in an environment focused on encouragement and success,” Minor said .

English, math, social sciences and science are only a few of the topics that Homework Hub tutors can aid with. On Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., students who need assistance with a difficult school assignment or other curriculum questions can engage in a thirty-minute to an hour-long online tutoring session.

“The Homework Hub program is yet another example of County staff finding innovative solutions to address our community’s needs during the pandemic and beyond,” Leon County Administrator Vincent Long said. “The program creates a safe virtual environment for both tutors and students, further demonstrating the essential nature of County library services for patrons of all ages.”

Students will require a personal computer with internet, video and audio to partake in the program. Smartphones, iPads and Android tablets can be used with Zoom, but their versatility is limited.

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  1. Let the big tech puppets of the CCP educate them with hatred and ignorance.. and keep them dumb, stoned, isolated, and malleable… that’s how the NaziCrats maintain a base.

    May God forgive them their transgressions

  2. “Students will require a personal computer with internet, video and audio to partake in the program.” …………………… Speaking of which…… how is that special Program going where $Millions was spent on new Computers for Students going?

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