NEBA to Host Florida Chamber of Commerce CEO and Florida Chamber Foundation Chief Economist

NEBA to Host Florida Chamber of Commerce CEO and Florida Chamber Foundation Chief Economist

On Tuesday, March 23, the Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates (NEBA) will host their March Membership luncheon where Florida Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Mark Wilson and Florida Chamber Foundation Chief Economist and Director of Research Jerry Parrish will speak about Florida politics, public policy and state and regional economics.

As CEO, Wilson is in charge of the political, lobbying, grassroots and economic research operations for the Florida Chamber. According to NEBA, the Florida Chamber’s goal is to make Florida a more competitive state by establishing a business climate that creates prosperity and higher-paying jobs.

Wilson is responsible for creating the Florida Business Agenda and the Florida Chamber Grassroots Network and was also the first president of the Florida Justice Reform Institute, which focuses on reducing frivolous lawsuits. Wilson is also highly involved in statewide political campaigns that focus on passing constitutional amendment reforms and other forms of legislature designed to safeguard our economy.

Wilson is also part of the Board of Directors of Florida Association of Chamber Professionals, Enterprise Florida, Leadership Florida and the Florida Chamber Foundation. He has also been a participant in the Florida Council of 100, serving as the National Chair of the Council of State Chambers, as well as being a member of the U.S. Chamber’s Committee of 100.

Before being a part of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Wilson worked for the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce as well as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The other speaker at the upcoming NEBA event, Dr. Jerry Parrish, as Director of Research for the Florida Chamber Foundation, is responsible for managing thorough analyses on the Florida economy and on solutions to help the prosperity of Florida’s economy in the future.

Dr. Parrish was the Chief Economist and Director of the Center for Competitive Florida at Florida TaxWatch prior to being with the Florida Chamber Foundation. Before that, Parrish was the Associate Director of the Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis (CEFA) at Florida State University, where he is also currently an Adjuct Instructor in the Masters in Applied Economics Program.

NEBA will provide a livestream of the event via Facebook.

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