City Gets Update on Mobile App that Allows Citizens to Record Police Interactions

City Gets Update on Mobile App that Allows Citizens to Record Police Interactions

The Tallahassee Police Department will be the first agency in the nation to implement a hands-free, stream recording app that includes multiple contacts and a portal for review this Spring. The efforts coincide with Objective 5D of the City’s Strategic Plan: “provide state-of-the-art technology to support public safety initiatives.”

According to the March 24 meeting agenda, The City Commission approved project funding for staff to develop this mobile application on June 3, 2020, around the wave of protest related to police brutality.

Since then, the Local organization “More Than a Name” has worked in partnership with City staff to help develop the app, in addition to citizens who attended the biweekly meetings since June 2020.

The app will allow citizens to remain anonymous while using their smartphone camera through voice command to record interactions with law enforcement. The video will then be documented through Tallahassee Police Department’s video portal and reviewed.

Other applications that are similar to this one and are in effect today is The American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) Mobile Justice App. This app allows users to record, stream and report encounters with law enforcement to the ACLU. City staff consulted with ACLU’s developer for the design and development of the app they are currently working on.

The app will be available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store in the upcoming months.

12 Responses to "City Gets Update on Mobile App that Allows Citizens to Record Police Interactions"

  1. Re: David T. Hawkins: they already did essentially that – “Live P.D.” real live action show of police activity in different cities across the nation via their body cams and dash cams and other sources. They were even in Tally. Come last summer, with all the nonsense about police brutality, they cancelled the show! It was very popular too; problem was: God forbid the general public sees what cops have to confront and deal with every hour of every day. We Americans are strong, but I really wonder what is going to be left when this current crowd is finished trying to destroy our country.

  2. And it’s already difficult for TPD to find qualified applicants. Good job, city fools, you’ve once again skirted around the REAL issue.

  3. I’d like to see them develop an app that goes off on everyone’s cellphone nationwide every time a politician, their Media PACs, and the Big Tech puppets of the CCP tell a lie… kind of like the Amber or Senior alert does. They can call it the Scammer Alert… or just straight up Liar Alert.

    … then again… we all need our rest.

  4. There may be some sort of benifit or kickback to a decision maker in a city or county that agrees to mandate this app for their law enforcement to be subject to.
    Either its an inappropriate benifit or its baiting the officers into shooting inocent citizens as they dig into their pocket for their phone.
    PBA what is your position on Reese’s app? PBA if you remain silent on this subject you do not deserve a contract.

  5. Oh My Goodness!! Yet another reason why we need to do a nationwide search for a qualified city manager.

    The energy expended and money spent on this foolishness would be better used on pay raises for our law enforcement officers.

  6. Reese Goad is the type of leftist that would implement such a death trap and advertise is a “wokey woke” thing of beauty.
    You are being led to believe all you gotta do is implement the streaming app with a voice command and catch the bad old raciest police and you feel empowered and extra “woke” … dont you???
    Think about it:
    The “woke” snowflake reaches for his/her phone in their purse/pocket or where ever to whip it out and give it the “wokey woke” voice command … are you all with me so far?
    Well the officer(s) naturally react as if the “woke” snowflake just reached for that stolen 9mm and blast the snowflake full of holes.
    Seriously Reese Goad you need to run anything your “wokey woke” brain thinks is a good idea by Snidely first before you get some of our citizens killed.
    This is literally one of the most stupid things ever Reese Goad.

  7. Excellent point, Mr. Hawkins. The App will allow the Woke Supremist clowns to set up YouTube channels and make money denigrating every move our LEO’s. It will also allow the Marxists groups like blm to more quickly organize a riot, arson, and looting session based on speculation and misinformation.

  8. “City Gets Update on Mobile App that Allows Citizens to Record Police Interactions ”

    PLEASE tell me that the City did NOT spend a single Penny on the App OR the App Up-Date. We have Laws that already allow Citizens to Record Law Enforcement so what is the App going to do?

    Here’s a thought, Don’t flame me for it, it’s just a thought……… TPD and LCSO can start their own Pod Show “Law Enforcement Officers of Tallahassee”. They keep their Body Cameras turned on throughout their Shift and people can tune in on their Computers and just choose a Badge Number to stream that Officers Camera. The up side would be that, people can see what Officers go through every day.

    OK, Thoughts over.

  9. An ignorant appeasement for a manufactured hysteria. The anti-LEO NaziCrats, Doofus and Doofus ambulance chasers, and Woke Supremist groups will love this foolishness.

    May God continue to Bless and Protect the brave men and women of our Law Enforcement community.

  10. The problem IS as it always HAS BEEN is, there is never any video of what led UP TO the Encounters with Law Enforcement. All we see is the Officer trying to arrest someone and we rarely see what caused the Officer to interact with that person and why the Officer decided to place them under Arrest.

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