Leon County School Board Reviews Construction Projects

Leon County School Board Reviews Construction Projects

The Leon County School Board reviewed an updated report on school related construction projects during the School Board meeting on March 23rd. The Superintendent is required to submit to the Board a semi-annual status update of all construction projects that are planned to being in the next 12 months, that are currently active, or that are completed within the last six months.

Within the next 12 months the School Board is set to begin 10 new projects at various schools across the county. These jobs include needed repairs and remodeling at schools such as, Buck Lake, Canopy Oaks, Chaires, and Leon. Additionally, there will be new construction and remodeling in a phased project at Rickards ($1.5 million) and new roof building at W.T. Moore ($2 million).

The report also disclosed three current projects that are in progress. These include new construction, remodeling, and renovation and site improvements at Fairview ($25 million) and Rickards ($40 million). Conley is receiving school wide exterior plaster replacement ($1.3 million). Also, various fencing, security camera upgrades, and updating access entry points district wide will occur.

Lastly, the report showed one project which wrapped up in January 2021 at Killearn Lakes, for column repairs. ($88,188).

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  1. Last year the Supt. and Board authorized millions to be spent for computers that kids could take home during the pandemic. Now that we are back in school, what is the current inventory? Did we loose any? Would like to know how much money the vendor sent to the HAA HAA Vegas account.

  2. Over the past the main problem with school board construction projects has been kick backs in the form of campiagn contributions.
    Now that we have in place the perfectly legal and untraceable vehicle of donating these same kick backs into funds like the HAA HAA Las Vegas corporations its more off the chain than ever.
    And there is nothing law enforcement can do about it even if they wanted to.
    Florida’s State Attorney Ashley Moody probley could do something about it if she wanted to.

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