Fried’s Fiancee & Father Served with Complaint Related to Cannabis Company

Fried’s Fiancee & Father Served with Complaint Related to Cannabis Company

On March 20th, 2021, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried received a summons detailing a complaint against her fiancee, Robert Bergmann, related to Iconoclast Ventures LLC, a cannabis company founded by Bergmann and Fried’s father, Ronald Fried.

The complaint was filed in the Second Judicial Circuit Court in Leon County and the allegations include breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

Tallahassee Reports recently published an exclusive investigation into the connections related to Iconoclast Ventures and other companies created by Bergmann. Tallahassee Reports found that several of the people involved with the businesses have connections to Nikki Fried, including Fried’s father. One of the companies was registered at Fried’s personal residence.

According to state records, one day after Tallahassee Reports published the investigative report, Bergmann filed paperwork to remove  Zachary Kobrin as a Director of Iconoclast Inc. effective March 4, 2021.

Kobrin previously told TR he was Bergmann’s lawyer and he is listed as a team member of the Akerman Cannabis Practice that boasts the practice is ranked nationally as one of the top firms in Cannabis Law by Chambers USA.

On June 10, 2019 Fried appointed Kobrin to the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee that Fried created to “collaborate with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to help improve the state’s medical marijuana policies.”

The Complaint

The summons and complaint – initiated by North Public Relations, LLC – was served to Nikki Fried at the home that Fried and Bergmann share in Northeast Tallahassee.

The compliant alleges breach of contract, fraudulent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment and tortious interference with a business relationship.

North Public Relations is seeking $30,000 in damages.

The defendants include Iconoclast Ventures, Bergmann, Ronald Fried, and Hali Utstein. All three have previously been identified as founders of Iconoclast Ventures.

The complaint alleges that North Public Relations signed a one-year agreement in November 2019 to provide public relations services for $12,500 a month.

The complaint alleges that Iconoclast Ventures ceased making payments after March 2020, but repeatedly promised to pay in the future. During this time North Public Relations continued to provide services.

According to the complaint, the agreement was executed by Hali Utstein on behalf of Iconoclast Ventures.

Hali Utstein, the wife of David Silvers – a member of the Florida House of Representatives from South Florida, is listed as responsible for managing the Iconoclast Ventures brand, facilitating investor relationships and collaborating with partners to drive revenue.

Utstein is also identified as a key investor across multiple industries, including CB Collective and One Hemp Brands and serves on the board of directors of One Hemp.

The agreement states that services provide by North Public Relations included “counsel on strategic communications initiatives as identified and approved by the Client and to support leadership and designated stakeholders in developing targeted, strategic, and effective communications services to better promote the Client’s businesses and programs as well as create various opportunities to engage partners and other stakeholders in ongoing strategic communications initiatives.”

North Public Relations is seeking a jury trial.

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  1. You’ve done some amazing work on this story. There are those who want to foist Fried on Floridians as some sort of Sunshine State Gretchen Whitmer. Except Fried is far more intelligent and, apparently, far more dangerous. The same folks willing to vote for a corrupt, drug addled, non-entity who was mayor of Tallahassee will happily line up for Ms. Fried.

  2. @Ed,

    You are 110% correct on Bondi.

    Mike L,

    You bring up a very good point and perhaps Nikki Weed should be brought in for a random drug test… Immediately!

  3. @Ann Coates… so… I take it you worked for Pam? Slow down and take a breath before you pull a muscle or something. Reality can be a b–ch sometimes.

  4. Hahahahahaha “serious constitutional issue”


    No, no, it couldn’t be that you have no idea what you’re talking about! It’s all one big conspiracy!!


    Make sure you report to work on time Ed! As a con law scholar! So many of them out on the job site!


  5. @ Snidely… I think we see eye-to-eye on most issues, but we’re gonna have to respectfully agree to disagree on Bondi. Bondi was all marketing and little movement… much like Crist I might add. She talked a good game but fell short on substantive action… again, much like Crist. Now… making sure she could keep the dog she stole, that’s a different story… but I digress.

    I was particularly fond of their seasonal rants against gouging during hurricanes and such. Oh, they’d huff and puff, and inflate their chests and “threaten”… but the gouging just continued and they’d move on to another distraction. They’d toss a little guy under the bus now and gain for show… but as usual, the big fish just kept right on swimming along.

    We’ll see if AG Moody has the stones to act on this clear and present matter… but I’m not holding my breath.

  6. Oh what a tangled web the weed woman weaves. They are all a bunch of crooks, her husband, father, lawyers…all of em. That woman is a liar and a drug addict.

  7. The Atty. General position in Florida should be in front of the issues and push the issues onto the Governor and legislature rather rather than wait for the Governor and Legislature to do her job and then basically ask her to do her job.
    Come back Pam Bondi Florida needs your leadership.

    ps: at the very least our Governor should unleash the current Atty. General and see what happens. I dont think you will be disappointed Gov. DeSantis…you are all doing a fine job otherwise.

  8. Atty. General Pam Bondi was an aggressive pit bull on crime.
    I bet there were many times former Governor Rick Scott wished Pam Bondi would just chill and go along to get along with business crime of the members of whichever party was involved in.
    I wish we still had an aggressive pit bull on crime in the Florida Atty. General’s position.

  9. I do think when you are in a public office and you are making decisions that actively affect your financial dealings, where you profit, then there is a serious breach of the public trust.

    I believe it is time for some authorities, Inspector General, etc., to step in… and take a look in order to protect the Public’s interest, which she took an oath to do.

    Excellent journalism!

  10. @Snidely… Agreed. TR has done a great job at actual journalism… refreshing to see in today’s Media PAC environment to say the least. The raw, unquestionable, and unchallenged facts clearly indicate the need for a formal investigation of Nikki Weed and her connections for obvious conflicts of interest and probable public corruption… they might just find a obstruction charge or two as well.

    No matter which political party controls the AGs Office, I don’t expect much. I had direct interactions with the previous AG and her office regarding a serious Constitutional issue… but alas, a blowoff response was all there was to be had. A complete dereliction of dusty to be honest with you. Establishment protects Establishment… and the Establishment is comprised of both political party members.

  11. Dont get excited Andrew Gillium and think this takes Nikki Weed out of contention for the leftist run at the Governor’s Mansion.
    Nope its not your turn.

    What we got here is one weed business complaining in court about another weed business.
    The Florida citizens that will vote for the leftist candidate will not see this potential court action as a strike against Nikki Weed.
    In fact I am of the opinion this weed company vs weed company is nothing more than an elaborate hoax cleverly designed to garner publicity FOR Nikki Weed’s run at the Governor’s mansion.
    …YAWN….wake me up if Atty. General Ashley Moody files an action against Nikki Weed…until that happens I am so unimpressed.

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