Market Square Redevelopment Activities Resume

Market Square Redevelopment Activities Resume

After several stops and starts, the redevelopment of the 1970’s era Market Square shopping center has resumed again with demolition activities on the building located on the south part of the property bordering I-10 westbound.

The building was previously home to Tally’s, Connie’s Hams, Kitcho’s, Commercial Print & Copy and Gordos.

It was reported in 2019 that the Dallas-based Leon Capital Group, which owns the 10 acre property, secured Cinépolis Luxury Cinema as an anchor tenant and also closed on a deal for a new Springhill Suites by Marriott. The Springhill Suites recently opened, however the movie theater project appears to be on hold.

Redevelopment on two buildings on the property are complete, but only the west building, near Gilchrist Elementary School, has tenants open for business. These business include Tropical Smoothie, Southern Seafood, Market Square Liquors, and Wok&Roll Sushi.

In 2019, before the onset of the COVID pandemic, the redevelopment plans called for a mix of national and local tenants. 

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  1. I was really looking forward to the new movie theater. When is it coming? I hope soon. I am older and don’t like driving at night. But I like taking my Granddaughter to the movies and all the theaters are so far from my house. However market square is close and I wouldn’t have to drive far from market square to my house.

  2. @ Hope…… I always wanted to go to “Mugs and Movies” but never got around to it. It was ahead of its time.

  3. As the last former tenant in that particular building, I can tell you that there was ample opportunity for selling or giving away anything of value. What was left, prior to demolition, was of no worth. The demo team is surgically separating into piles metal, wood and concrete. I don’t know how much, if any, will end up in landfills. All hazardous materials were cleared professionally before the demo started.

  4. It’s an excellent idea Mr. Hawkins. Unfortunately, the likes of Morgan & Morgan “For the Morgan’s” would be waiting outside for anyone willing to say they scratched their finger on a rusty nail… then it’s time for Dewey, Screw’m, and How… to profit off the taxpayer’s back.

    Liability is the issue… Ambulance chasers and a litigious society is the road block to common sense.

  5. AGAIN, why not let people come in there and Take / Remove what they want BEFORE you rip it all down? That way a good bit of it gets reused and doesn’t go to the Land Fills.

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