Leon County Launches “Vax Map”

Leon County Launches “Vax Map”

Leon County announced the new “Vax Map” to help citizens navigate the County for COVID-19 vaccines. As the eligibility for the vaccine increases to include more of the population in the State of Florida, Leon County released a new online resource for users to locate vaccine sites. 

The new database allows for users to select a location from the existing map or search for a known address. Also, using a link provided by selecting the location, the user is then able to schedule an appointment for the vaccine. Additionally, permanent and pop-up COVID-19 testing centers can also be found on the new County “Vax Map.”

Currently, long-term care facility residents and staff, health care personnel, individuals who are extremely vulnerable, and those who are 40 years old or older are eligible to receive the vaccine. All COVID-19 vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration will be available to all Floridians beginning on April 5th.

As of March 31, reports show that 77,352 people have been vacinated in Leon County with 47,234 completing the process and 30,118 recieving one dose.

6 Responses to "Leon County Launches “Vax Map”"

  1. Wuhan Virus, Chinese Virus, Plandemic! Get your government vaccination, wear two or three masks and keep socially distancing kiddos!

  2. I also believe every death was reported as a Covid death to instill fear and chaos to sway the election.

    I believe Mark Zuckerberg will go down in history as the new Adolf Hitler. He was a large funding source of the chaos that enabled the release of a bioterrorism plot. There are many unindicted co-conspirators and we know who they are.

    I believe the federal government or perhaps if they are too tied up with the co-conspirators perhaps Florida should start offering multimillion-dollar Rewards for anyone who can bring forth enough evidence of voter fraud that would change the results. We will see them coming out of the woodwork and ratting each other out, but if we have to pay to get to the truth it’s worth it.

  3. More and more of the informed populous are turning away from the $2k a-shot of sugar water and fertilizer runoff… particularly within communities of color. America has been played like a Clinton/Biden intern with the China Bio-Weapon Flu Scamdemic. Data is now beginning to emerge that some states recorded every death as a Covid death. All of this was/is about NaziCrat power, and nothing whatsoever about health. Just look at what’s happening at our southern border.

    The Dementia Joe Sadminstration and the NaziCrats are flooding our nation with illegal, teenaged, male, disease-infected gangbangers… and secretly disbursing them throughout the country without a single concern about the Scamdemic. Make no mistake about it folks… a substantial increase in crime and disease is coming to a neighborhood near you.

    Be smart, be safe, stay vigilant, and watch your six… it’s gonna get ugly

  4. Historically and currently it is in the leftist’s [AKA the Democratic Party’s] best interest that racism be stoked and maintained in its highest form possable.
    Look at your local leftist governments spending on North-Side vs South-Side spending on infrastructure, parks, schools…just everything as just one visible example.
    Your elected leaders reflect your own views on racism by what they do not what they say. The same applies to all you Democratic voters who somehow in your minds think you are not raciest. Black and white Democratic voters all raciest or maybe a few of you are just fooled by retoric but pretend not to be.

  5. Only 5 sites located on the ‘Southside’ it’s a matter of time before Com. Proctor whips up the charge of racism.

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