State Rep. Allison Tant Comments on Voting, Anti-Riot Legislation

State Rep. Allison Tant Comments on Voting, Anti-Riot Legislation

Florida House of Representative member Allison Tant appeared on Above the Fold with Tallahassee Reports editor Steve Stewart on March 30. During the interview, Tant – who represents District 9 which includes Leon County – commented on legislation related to voting and protests.

The House bill related to voting focuses on the vote by mail process. The bill will make it harder for supervisors of elections to accept signatures on mail-in ballots and voters will be required to request mail-in ballots every two years instead of four. The bill will retain the use of drop boxes and put in place new security measures which include surveillance by office employees or law-enforcement officers during regular working hours.

During the show, Tant expressed that the last election cycle in Florida was fair and legal even if she did not agree with some of the results. When talking about the issue of drop boxes, she said they were necessary because of the pandemic and that she advocated for manned drop boxes that were only open during voting hours.

Tant, who is a member of the House Public Integrity and Elections Committee, talked about how the proposal to make a signature on a mail-in ballot part of the public record could create privacy issues for voters.

Tant said she does not support the change to requesting an absentee ballot every two years because she does not see how that would fix any issues of fraud and it could cost too much money.

Later in the show, Tant addressed measure (CS/HB 1) which is known as the “anti-riot bill.” The bill has become one of the most divisive issues during the session. Opponents say the bill is a racially tinged attack on free speech and is defended by supporters as needed to protect businesses and communities from violence.

The bill is aimed at decreasing violent protests by creating a list of new crimes, increasing legal penalties, and making it harder for local governments to cut police spending.

The legislation was approved 76-39 in the Republican-dominated House, with the vote breaking along party lines.

Tant said that she received thousands of emails about this bill and none of them asked her to vote yes. She mentioned that even though the bill managed to pass the House, it did not seem to have a lot of support.

Tant believes that this is a political bill given that rioting, looting, causing property damage, and bodily harm are already illegal.

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  1. I have but to tip my hat to you POC. If all members of our communities “of color” were to be educated on and truly understand the factual history of the real origins of slavery and racism in our country – and the Democrats who embraced and still embrace it… I dare suggest that this great Nation would only become greater, and our communities “of color” would reject the label (of color) and recognize that we are all “of color” and all simply members of “our” communities.

    Martin Luther King weeps at what the Democrats have done to his dream.

  2. The Demonrat party is the most vile, racist, despicable and genocidal party in American history.

    President Andrew Jackson, one of the founders of the Demonrat party and responsible for the Trail of Tears the forced relocation of the Cherokee Nation so he and others in the South could profit by taking their lands.

    The Demonrat party was the party of the Confederacy and slavery up to and throughout the Civil War which cost over 600,000 American lives. Still the bloodiest war in U.S. history and still surpasses all deaths from U.S. wars fought in the 20th century. The majority of those lives lost were, wait for it, white. Ask yourself, did white folk not pay a heavy price to ensure the abolition of slavery? Were their deaths not reparations?

    The Demonrat party is the party of post-Civil War Jim Crow, segregation, sharecropping, and the Klan. They were directly responsible for lynchings in the South.

    Under the Demonrat President Woodrow Wilson, the federal government and military was re-segregated. He was wildly racist and held a private viewing of the Klan movie, “Birth of a Nation” in the White House. Oh, he also conned the nation into getting involved in World War I. Wars are something these Demonrat progressives love.

    The Demonrat’s sainted president FDR, appointed two open real racists to the Supreme Court, James Byrnes and Hugo Black. Under FDR, lynchings in the South skyrocketed. FDR masterfully manipulated New Deal programs to benefit some blacks to co-opt their votes from Republicans. However, FDR also manipulated the U.S. into getting involved in World War II as well as creating the nation’s first concentration camps by rounding up Asian Americans and illegally imprisoning them. Concentration camps are a hallmark of any tyrannical political party which includes the Demonrat Party.

    The Demonrat’s racist LBJ and his Great Society program masterfully stuck the knife into the Black family and fundamentally destroyed it. Through the Great Society, the welfare check replaced the working father and tore families apart. Also of note, LBJ was against the Civil Rights Act before he was for it. The 1964 Civil Rights Act only passed because of Republican support.

    And now we have the modern era where the Demonrat party is so wildly pro-murder of unborn black children, they openly support infanticide after birth. The overwhelming majority of these unborn murders are Black American babies. Their subsidiary company, Planned Parenthood, openly sells dead fetus parts for experimentation and locate their facilities in minority communities, predominantly black communities. Should we go any further about it’s founder Margaret Sanger. A genocidal racist. Yes, the Demonrat party supports genocide of an entire race through its actions and its history.

    Now, keep this history in mind any time you listen to the words of Allison Tant or any of her ilk.

  3. “The bill is aimed at decreasing violent protests by creating a list of new crimes, increasing legal penalties, and making it harder for local governments to cut police spending.” ………… WHO wouldn’t want this?

    Voting by Mail should ONLY be done by the Elderly, those with Disabilities, Deployed Military and Elected Officials.

    If you must have Drop Boxes, they should be placed at Post Offices and at Library’s and must be maned at all times they hold Ballots.

    Heavy penalties should be assigned on ANYONE committing Voter Fraud.

  4. Agreed, Hope… you’re right on track. Roosevelt’s New Deal of entitlements was specifically designed (in his own words) to keep the “N….s” on the NaziCrat plantation. You can hear it in his own words, that is of course if the Big Tech puppets of the CCP haven’t all ready purged the audio recording from their platforms. Generational and heirloom poverty – within communities “of color” – was and remains their goal.

    In deed you are correct as well, Snidely… the reckless and irresponsible use of the race card is the NaziCrat go-to retort, and aligns perfectly with their aforementioned goal. The NaziCrats are study’s of the ways of Alinsky projection and semantics, Machiavellian tactics and schemes, and the propaganda practices of Joseph Goebbels.

    Martin Luther King weeps at what the NaziCrats have done to his dream.

  5. The “race card” as you should already know is only pulled out of the sleeve of leftists at the political poker table when a leftist becomes aware the game is going down in the conservatives favor.
    What does this mean for the “anti riot bill”?
    Well if you know leftists then you already know that the message that came out of the State Rep’s mouth means there is a 100% chance of the “anti riot bill” not only passing but also being signed into law by the Governor.
    It pays to study and know your leftists in what and when they speak certain words and phrases.

  6. Excellent Mr. Lyle!

    This is the party that believes keeping people of color corraled in the projects maintains their power.

    Thanks to this party I paid $6 more for a tank of gas this week and the low gasoline prices are no more and haven’t been this high since Obama.

    Ms Tant will be able to easily afford this increase as all the extra cash her family made by her husband being paid to represent their candidate for governor to keep him out of jail. Ironically, many of the funds came from Morgan & Morgan who contributed to Gillium, as Gillum uses his campaign contributions for legal defenses. How much more dysfunctional can a party get?

    There is HOPE in 3 years and 9 months…Byedone!

  7. Two points if I may…

    One: Mail ballots should be limited to a verifiable necessity and scrutinized to the highest and most reasonable measures possible. Also, a formal and verifiable request for a mail ballot should be required for “every” election. This would minimize the potential (and reality) of deceased people voting. And if you’re concerned about the “cost” of election integrity and our Democratic process, take a few minutes to speak to a military veteran… I’m sure he or she would be glad to share their thoughts on that.

    Two: For Tant to imply that CS/HB 1 is “racially tinged” indicates that Tant is under the impression that only “people of color” are the ones who are engage in rioting, looting, causing property damage, and bodily harm… ergo… exposing that she (like the history of the NaziCrat Party proves) is in fact the real racist in this equation.

    … carry on

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