UPDATE: City Votes to Make Election Day a Holiday

UPDATE: City Votes to Make Election Day a Holiday

The City Commission voted unanimously to making election day an official paid holiday for City of Tallahassee employees during their April 7 meeting.

The vote came after a discussion related to City Commissioner Dianne William-Cox’s proposal to give incentives to employees who vote. However, Commissioner Jack Porter questioned the legality of such incentives and City Attorney Cassandra Jackson said she would have to research the issue.

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey originated the idea via a statement on his twitter account last month.

“With the recent proliferation of voter suppression attempts across the country, I believe as the capital city of Florida we must do everything possible to remove barriers to voting. That is why at our meeting today I proposed making Election Day a City of Tallahassee holiday,” said Dailey.

Election day falls on the first Tuesday after the first Monday on even-numbered years. Currently, the City of Tallahassee observes 10 paid holidays, one floating holiday, and two personal days. The City’s current system for election days allows supervisors to flex the workday to give employees time to vote or to allow employees to make up the time during another workday. If a City employee does not have any available leave and the workday cannot be flexed, that employee must leave without pay for the time they use to vote on election day.

The inclusion of election day as a paid holiday will cost an estimated $67,000 that is not in the budget during election years.

Many states have already made election day a holiday for City employees including Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. Other states allow employees to take time off from work to vote without any loss of pay.

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  1. I used to get excited when elections came around that local voters would see how worthless/shameless/corrupt most of the the local elected leaders are and change them out. Now I’m just resigned to see pandering incompetence elected over and over.

  2. “The inclusion of election day as a paid holiday will cost an estimated $67,000 that is not in the budget during election years.” …………………….. WEEEELL, since the Democrats like to make Voting about RACE, just switch it with MLK Day.

  3. In agreement 100% Dennis… well stated. I’m amazed that our so-called “leaders” believe that folks that live in communities “of color” are capable of analyzing local, state, and federal candidates – and their positions – and subsequently making an informed decision… YET… those very same people are completely incapable of getting an ID or DL… or finding their way to their voting precinct.

  4. Citizenship in a democratic society carries with it the obligations of being informed on the issues affecting the society in which you are member and then voicing your opinion by way of the ballot box. A contributing member of a democratic society should not expect to given the day off and a gift card in order to fulfil his or her responsibility. This recent vote by the city commission cheapens democracy and is shameful pandering .

  5. “Voter suppression” is a used and tired as the “Race card”… the NaziCrat have nothing new to offer this Nation… just old, tired, and failed rhetoric and policies of Socialism and Communism is all they have in their quiver of hate. Heck, the only thing Dementia Joe could even pull out of his Depends-protected sphincter was “Jim Crow”.

    We are in desperate need of a Convention of States. It’s one of only two options “We The People” have left in order to rid our government of these corrupt and feckless establishment buffoons, and save our Great Republic from certain ruin.

    Call your state and federal Representatives, Senators, and Governors now… and demand that they get on board and call for a “Convention of States”

  6. ““With the recent proliferation of voter suppression attempts across the country,” …………….. OK, PLEASE tell me WHAT Attempts to Suppress Votes are being taken and HOW are those “Attempts” actually going to Suppress Votes? I have asked this many times and NO ONE has given me an answer as of yet. I am running for County Commissioner District 5 so, please give me facts, not opinions, Thank you.

  7. “With the recent proliferation of voter suppression attempts across the country…”

    A direct quote from the NaziCrat talking points memo of lies.

    The Mayor has just lost the last shred of credibility and standing he had with me. You have lost my support and my vote.

  8. Only the Elderly, Disabled, Deployed Military and Elected Officials should be allowed to request a Mail In Ballot.

    A Government Issued Photo ID must be shown to get your Ballot at the Poles.

    Early Voting should be no more than THREE 12 Hour Days (7am to 7pm) and make General Election Day a Holiday.

    Once you cast your Ballot, there is NO changing it.

    ANTONE caught tampering with Ballots, Committing Voter Fraud, or Committing Voter Intimidation, shall receive actual Prison Time.

    Also, go back through the last 5 Election Cycles and look at the numbers, ADD more Precincts where needed. NO ONE should be needing Water or Food while waiting to cast a Vote.

  9. There is no voter suppression as this is a Democratic Party operative misusing his position to further their socialist agenda. The mayor has no work ethic so why not create another holiday to further the decline of the American work ethic under the Democratic Party?

    It is time for a new mayor. Perhaps the City Commissioner who owns several successful pizza businesses will step up or Barney Bishop will put his hat in the ring?

  10. This is ridiculous…We have about 14 days of early voting with locations in every corner of the city. We dont just have “election day” anymore. Its more like election month. If anyone wants to vote there is plenty of time to do so. Taking half an hour on a Saturday or Sunday is always an option if they work late on weekdays. Paying people to take time vote is just absurd!

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