Leon County Mask Mandate Depends on CDC Guidelines

Leon County Mask Mandate Depends on CDC Guidelines

At the April 13th Leon County Commission meeting elected officials discussed the status of the Leon County mask mandate.

Leon County COVID cases, hospitalizations, and the positivity rate have been in steep decline since the middle of January. Also, 97,574 Leon County citizens have been vaccinated with 60,139 people completing the two-shot process. Approximately 70-75% of people over the age of 65 have been vaccinated.

Commissioner Brian Welch asked for a clarification on the process to repeal the mask mandate. The County Attorney, Chasity O’Steen, stated that it was a two-step process to repeal the ordinance which includes a public notice and a public hearing.

Commissioner Kristen Dozier said that she is getting more emails related to repealing the mask mandate, but it is not overwhelming. She indicated that she believed that a majority of business owners support the mask mandate.

Commissioner Nick Maddox asked for an update of the County’s re-open plan. Deputy County Administrator Alan Rozenzweig indicated that under the current Phase II plan Leon County’s Library’s are operating at 50% and community rooms and community centers are closed.

Commissioner Nick Maddox made a motion for County staff to bring back information about the re-opening plan if a change in conditions warranted commission action during the summer break. The motion passed.

Ultimately, the discussion revealed that the status of the mask mandate will depend on CDC guidelines.

Currently, the CDC recommends that people wear masks in public settings, at events and gatherings, and anywhere they will be around other people. Masks should still be worn in addition to staying at least 6 feet apart, especially when indoors around people who don’t live in your household.

Effective February 2, 2021, masks are required on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation traveling into, within, or out of the United States and in U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and stations.

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  1. I understand ‘the science’ and I have been vaccinated for months. I didn’t wear a mask in Publix today. About half a dozen other customers were mask-less. The management didn’t throw me out. It’s time folks – time to live without fear.

  2. Last night I heard a clip on FOX showing Fauci stating (yes it was him and not someone else reporting what he said), that young adults who were not at risk should still get the covid shots even though they were not at risk of death.

    His reason: It will stop the immunized from passing covid to others…
    Let me state his reason again: It will stop the immunized person from spreading covid…

    Hey you freaking liberal idiots, listen to your messiah about what he said. You get the injections to protect you and to protect others from getting covid from you. Can your feeble minds comprehend it? If you are immunized that you are protected and you also are not going to spread it according to your messiah.

    Just that alone says you have no need for masks.

  3. The mandate is an unenforceable piece of crap. If you can breathe through a mask, you can transmit or receive any virus in the air. My daughter went to a local eye doctor and wore her mask as they requested at the door. When she went inside, they said her mask was not adequate. They made her wear a mask that had rows of hokes in it. If that isn’t’ bat shit crazy I don’t know what is.

    Just stop wearing a mask. If a business doesn’t allow you to enter, find an alternative. That is how to get the message out that we are not going to be controlled by people who have an agenda to destroy our economic system and force dependence on n the government.

  4. I thank God everyday I moved away from this clown show of a city. We have never had a mask mandate in our county, I have not wore a mask since last May, still alive. No wonder family and friends love visiting here. We are not sheep. You all will be wearing masks for years, for no good reason. Everyday is a risk, when you realize that you will throw those cloth diapers on your face away, visit your parents, take a vacation and live again.

  5. Just like Tallahassee, the Leon county commission is a liberal cesspool following the CDC’s bought and paid for recommendations. Useless bunch all of them.

  6. Using case counts and positive test rates is a pure function of the volume of tests recorded. Test more, get more cases it’s pretty simple math. A couple dozen 20 or 30 year old’s testing positive is not a public health emergency. And Covid hospitalzations have been steady around 20 or so for over a month now. That’s 20ish beds in a county with a 750+ hospital bed count. It’s quite obvious the commissioners are not looking at the local situation and instead waiting for the CDC to tell them when Leon county’s residents can have their freedoms back.

  7. I have been emailing the Leon County Commissioners regularly to repeal the mandate or set metrics. On Jan 19th – I received the metrics from Nick Maddox…. “The County is looking at a decreased number of positive cases, a decreased positivity rate, the number of ER visits, and the number of hospital beds utilized for COVID over a two week period “. From all accounts, we have met those metrics, yet they have not kept their word and removed the mandate.

    For me, I disregard the mandate, I’m an adult and don’t wear one. But for the children that are forced to wear them 8hrs a day to be ‘allowed’ to go to school is a disgrace. I’m not sure how the commissioners sleep at night knowing the harm they are doing to our children. Children have mild to no symptoms. The flu is much more deadly to a child than this virus. Yet we continue to allow our children to be dehumanized. Wear a mask, don’t have any contact with other people. Is this the world you want your children to grow up in? Not me.

    I will continue to write to the commissioners, the governor, as well as my child’s school.

  8. Perhaps Mike Lindell will manufacturer face masks with a picture of Pelosi and Biden in bed with the Chinese Communist Party. Advertise what the Democrats, Chinese Communist Party, Big Tech, and Soros perpetrated against the world with their crime against humanity. Never forget!

  9. As I stated in a previous comment for another article, we are in a state of Cold Civil War. Local control needs to be thrown out when it comes to these Plandemic mandates. Gov. DeSantis needs to issue a complete ban on all local government/school board mask, anti-social distancing and capacity limit restrictions throughout the state. This also needs to be applied to ANY state funded public institutions throughout the state including State funded universities and colleges. The Governor’s own agencies are enforcing mask mandates whenever you visit them. If you want to wear a Chicom face diaper of submission, go for it, leave the rest of us sane folk alone. It is not enough to ban any fines associated with these mandates. Too many Florida businesses, churches and school boards are sheeple, incapable of critical thinking and follow these unenforceable mandates blindly.

    Be a general, DeSantis! Launch the B-52s against Covidstan. Lead the charge and stop hiding behind “local control.”

  10. No to mandate. We all listen to reports and know that little of what we hear is “scientifically based” and it changes daily. Mandating masks with the decline in cases and % of vaccinated people is a need to control and not in “best interest of our population. Please trust the businesses and adults in this county to make appropriate personal decisions. *** If someone thinks wearing a mask is important then do it and don’t frequent businesses that don’t require a mask. Easy. ***

  11. Brian Welch is finally working on removing the mask mandate. Now we need to convince the other six… I won’t hold my breath.

  12. Keeping this mandqte going is pure BS. I dont wear one, i have freedom rights and if I dont feel need to wear one, im not. The business dont like it, then I wont go back

  13. I wonder when the citizens will rise up and demand that the various elected bodies in the cities and county “look like the communities they represent”… all NaziCrats… not a Republican or Conservative among the lot.

    It would be nice to have a diverse perspective and input on the policies that impact the diverse population and all citizens… otherwise, there’s really no need for a commission or board at all. Just pick one and save the money.

  14. The CDC also recommends using condoms to prevent STDs. Waiting for the commissioners to issue the Leon County condom mandate. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

  15. They cite CDC ‘guidelines’ as the reason for the continued mask mandate? I guess we should expect county mandates on how rare our steaks can be in the near future.

  16. Here’s an idea…what if a couple of hundred people all showed up at a Publix at the same time without a mask. The mask mandate is not enforceable and the optics will not allow Publix to keep you out. Perhaps if everyone wore a t-shirt saying “our lives matter” and the protest repeated in other Publix and Home Depots a couple of times a week our elected officials would get the picture…perhaps even paint a mural with the slogan in a Publix Parking lot! This idea has worked for others seeking redress from onerous government restriction..

  17. Excellent comments one and all!! Its reassuring to know that Tally still has so many rational residents. Can TR publish a list of City and County Commissioner’s email addresses to make it easier for readers to submit requests to repeal the mask mandate?

  18. This “mandate” cannot be enforced, so just don’t comply with it. I’ve been breathing freely the whole time—if a business requires it, I won’t go there. I have canceled memberships and walked out of businesses that would not help me unless I put a mask on. The county commissioners only care about remaining in control and feeling powerful, so just don’t let them control you. If businesses see enough people walk out, they’ll stop enforcing it, but most of them don’t enforce it anyway. And flood the commissioners’ emails with messages to end the mandate so they cannot say they have not been overwhelmed with requests to end it.

  19. The CDC will never end the mask mandate. The CDC will not let the Cruise Ship Industry resume in Florida or Alaska. The CDC will let you get an abortion but you cannot go inside with your Dog at the Vet’s Office. Where the F is the Governor??? I wish he would show some leadership. Desantis’s office will not answer the phone or respond to Email requests. He is too busy fighting 60 Minutes or planning his Presidential run to make a meaningful effort to help the residents. And, to address the Board’s claim that local businesses like the mask mandate, I say B.S. If they liked it they would enforce it. Masks Today, Masks Tomorrow, Masks Forever.

  20. Face diapers, fart distancing, and $2k a-shot sugar water and fertilizer runoff… none of which has anything to do with science, and all of which have everything to do with control and compliance.

    Mr. Schack is correct. These are not elected leaders… they are ideological lemmings. Other countries were just collateral damage. America, President Trump, the America First Agenda, and our economic and social structures were and remain the primary target of the China Bio-Weapon Flu Scamdemic.

    I agree with Hope… make them pay, and pay heavily through their face diaper covered noses. The NaziCrats are now talking about making people who never owned slaves pay reparations to people who never were slaves… I say make Dementia Joe’s CCP buddies pay real-time reparations for the damage they’ve caused our Nation and the World.

  21. Go after China and make them pay to the point that will bankrupt them for the pre-planned deliberate bioterrorism weapon they unleashed on the world in order to cause chaos to sway the election.

    Make them pay millions to each family who lost someone to Covid-19. Go after the people in the US who were co-conspirators. Put the energies there. I go into businesses every day and I forget to put my mask on and I look around and no one else is wearing one either.

    To sit there and do nothing to a country who purposely inflicted a disease on humanity and they’re sitting there twiddling their thumbs over a mask mandate?

    Bill Schack is right not a leader in the bunch!

  22. That doesn’t help since the CDC changes their Minds every other day (sarcasm). Let the Businesses decide. If one Business says a Mask must be worn to enter, that’s THEIR choice and I will honor that.

  23. Just stop wearing the mask. Who cares what the rule says, it’s not enforceable by fines. Go to Publix without it. They don’t say anything. This thing is long over

  24. “Commissioner Kristen Dozier said that she is getting more emails related to repealing the mask mandate, but it is not overwhelming” …LET’S FLOOD HER INBOX WITH EMAILS ASKING HER TO REPEAL! Also, the fact that she “believes that most businesses support it” tells me she is out of touch with reality!”

  25. The CDC isn’t a scientific body, it’s a political one. As long as President Dribble Bib is in the White House, nothing will change.

  26. Business want a mask mandate??? What businesses?? This is BS!!!! The CDC is ridiculous too, this is political motivated to control the public and this country!! Done with the do as I say not as I do BS from all these libtards period!!!

  27. It’s time to end the mask mandate. Those who want to continue wearing masks can do so but it shouldn’t be a requirement at this point.

  28. Dozier “indicated that she believed that a majority of business owners support the mask mandate.” Then leave it up to businesses to determine rules for their premises, and let their customers vote with their dollars. As it should have been all along. Drop the mandate.

  29. I thought Governor Desantis signed an order weeks ago that stated counties no longer had the authority or emergency authority to have the mask ordinance/mandate?..I guess I misunderstood. Is this an enforceable mandate? Unmask and get some fresh air and vitamin D. If you are reasonably healthy, let your immune system do it’s job!

  30. End the mandate, provide a link the the guidelines, and let people make up their own minds how they want to “stay safe”.

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