LCS Awards Legal Services Contract to Pittman Law Group

LCS Awards Legal Services Contract to Pittman Law Group

During the April 13, 2021 Leon County School Board meeting, the Board unanimously awarded the contract for legal services to the Pittman Law Group, P.L. at an annual retainer fee of $78,000.

The agreement begins April 13th, 2021 and will continue through until June 30th, 2024, with an option to renew for an additional three years.

The Pittman Law Group, P.L. was one of three bids and was awarded the contract “based on the strength of their experience, qualifications, and submission of the lowest cost proposal.” Pittman Law Group provides expertise in administrative law, government law, and civil litigation and represent many local government entities and businesses.  

Opal McKinney-Williams is the Lead Counsel for the School Board and will be available for guidance when needed. The law group will provide general counsel to the Board and will represent the Board in connection with its legal matters during the term of the agreement.

Other services provided by the law group include examination of legal titles, lease agreements, and resolutions and documents relating to disposal of school property. In addition, the review and approval of contracts and agreements executed by the Board, interpretation of statutes, charters, ordinances, and contracts, as well as legal advice and counsel on all matters of a legal or technical nature will be provided.

Several Board members during the meeting spoke regarding the Lead Counsel, McKinney-Williams, stating she is “effective, efficient, knowledgeable, and strong at keeping things in order.”

Vice-Chair, Darryl Jones, remarked that he is “very delighted that we made the choice to bring back our exceptional attorney, Ms. Opal McKinney-Williams, who, by virtue of her institutional knowledge and her legal expertise, this district will continue to be well served by her.” 

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  1. Curious, why do we have a CITY ATTORNEY if we have to put an Outside Attorney on Retainer? Just hire a REAL Attorney that can handle anything the City needs them to handle.

  2. Our local governmental entities have a lack of diversity in the law firms being selected as their choice to represent them in legal matters.
    Probley raciest in their lack of diversity, anti LGBTQ, and most likely rotten with kickbacks and other financial improprieties.

  3. Nov 06, 2020 · Opal McKinney-Williams, the Leon County School Board ‘s attorney, has resigned from Tallahassee’s Ausley McMullen law firm and joined the Pittman Law Group. FWIW

  4. I wonder when the citizens will rise up and demand that the various elected bodies in the cities and county “look like the communities they represent”… all NaziCrats… not a Republican or Conservative among the lot.

    It would be nice to have a diverse perspective and input on the policies that impact the diverse population and all citizens.

  5. NoNoNo, you all have it wrong. It’s not pay-to-play, corruption, political incest, theft, or insider gamesmanship… it’s just some basic “infrastructure” or “Covid relief”.

    You know, ‘cause in NaziCrat land, everything is considered “infrastructure” and “Covid relief”… oh, and don’t forget… “it’s for the children” of course.

    Now… strap on those face diapers and do what you’re told… you racists.

  6. Pay to play in play here.

    This guy advertises free at the airport (which is theft), he takes the taxpayers money from the city, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, the county, and now the schools. The corruption continues.

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