City Commission Moves Forward with ID Card Proposal

City Commission Moves Forward with ID Card Proposal

During the April 21, 2020 City Commission meeting the City Commissioner Jack Porter made a motion that city staff formulate a proposal regarding a municipal issued identification card programs.

City Commissioners voted unanimously to support Porter’s motion.

Municipal Identification (ID) Cards are issued by local governments and typically allow access to county or city programs and discounted rates, also it may serve as an alternative to State ID cards or Driver’s Licenses.

According to the staff report some benefits of a Municipal ID Card Program includes, they may serve as a form of identity or residency, facilitates access to services or entry into buildings, may enable holders to open accounts with participating banks, promote civic engagement with local government, and may allow youth to access recreational and educational services.   

Typically the programs require multiple forms of identification to apply and obtain the ID card. Some forms of identification needed may include a primary form of ID, such as a birth certificate or passport, proof of social security, and proof of residential address.

The report also included some examples of Municipal ID Card programs, such as in the City of Aventura, FL the Parks and Recreation Department offers an ID card that is free to residents. The ID card allows for residents to access and reserve parks and recreational facilities, services, and programs.

Palm Beach County offers an ID program that allows residents to access government services and avoid going to jail for minor offenses. Some cities within the County have begun accepting the County ID for city services and encourages service providers in the City to accept the ID cards, services such as credit unions and transit. In Palm Beach County, roughly 3,000 residents of 1,479,000 have acquired the ID card.

18 Responses to "City Commission Moves Forward with ID Card Proposal"

  1. Hold on now. can we get discounts on Coffee with one of them thangs? If so- sign me up and give me a tattoo! PAPERS? PAPERS?

  2. Waste of our money! The State ID is at least verified, and should be the only official form of ID. We don’t need more government waste and duplication, confusion of services.

  3. @ Robert……. It doesn’t have the Words, it has a Star. I had to PROVE I was a US Citizen to renew my License about 8 Years ago. I had to bring in my Birth Certificate and two other items to prove who I am.

  4. Sounds like a solution in search of a problem… by the way what did she ever do with her plan to hire social workers to answer police calls?

  5. @David T. Hawkins Correction, a state issued drivers license does not say if you are a US citizen. It only says you are a resident of the state.

  6. I don’t understand the point of a city ID card. Is it just a slightly improved county library card? The state already has general ID card for non-drivers. Funny how democrats are opposed to voter ID laws but are in favor of new city ID cards and vaccine passports in order to be part of society.

  7. Let me start by again apologizing for my support for Ms. Porter. I truly believed that she might bring some pragmatic balance to this far-left dais of NaziCrats. Although she may have indeed entered this position with such intentions, it is painfully clear that she is now completely controlled by the anti-America clowns who seek the collapse of our Great Republic. I made a bad call, and I own it. But as the ol’ saying goes… “Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice…”

    The dichotomy in narrative is astounding here. One the one hand, the NaziCrats and their cabal of colluders believe that we “people of color” are capable of finding our way to City Hall to get an ID for free taxpayer-funded services, but on the other hand and completely incapable of going a mile further to get an official State ID to vote… let that sink in a bit.

    Rusty is absolutely correct. Nothing the NaziCrats do is founded on pure or well-intended motive. Their actions are and will forever be nefarious, and founded on their lust for power and the downfall of our Republic, and they will exploit anything that can be used to that end. This is most certainly a backdoor to providing voting rights to illegal aliens. Some municipalities around the country already allow illegal aliens to vote on the lie that they only vote in local election (insert wink here). Make no mistake about it, they get the same ballot as we do and are and have been voting in local, state and federal elections.

    As each cycle passes, the NaxiCrats are losing more and more of their NaziCrat Plantation slaves within “communities of color”… particularly those of us who are wiser and of mature age. We are starting to realize that the NaziCrat Party is the true racist Party of slavery, and always has been. Manufacturing hatred and creating heirloom poverty within “communities of color” have been their tools of choice. The NaziCrats need a new slave, and they have chosen the illegal alien to carry their torch of government dependency and generational poverty.

  8. First off, I’m not typically a conspiracy theorist. However, this sounds like a great way to legitimize someone who’s not legit…and eventually give them a path to voting…when they shouldn’t be. Let’s hope the associated ordinance will specifically mention that it cannot be used to register to vote.

  9. So, in a matter of a couple of weeks they are buying votes by giving citizens a day off, going to pay them a salary, and issuing ID cards to illegals. This should make national news these commissioners are using bribes attempting to make their decisions look legal but actually they are illegally organizing a system to get votes and taxpayers are paying for it.

    Dailey and Williams Cox are the diabolical Duo desperate to get reelected through manipulating and using taxpayer dollars to gain the voting system. Where are the feds to shut this illegal manipulation down!

    And a scatterbrained AOC gladly goes along with it! What a disappointment!

  10. Doesn’t a Government Issued Drivers License or Photo ID Card do those things? The Government Issued Drivers License or Photo ID Card goes one better…… lets you know if some one is an actual US Citizen………… OH, I get it now.

  11. If this program is similar to other municipal ID programs adopted throughout South Florida (e.g. FaithAction Community Cards), then a key piece of information missing in this story is that the “multiple forms of identification” required to obtain the municipal ID card do not have to be issued by a United States entity. For example, an applicant can use a foreign passport as proof of identity. The primary reason they construct the program in this way is so that foreign nationals–including illegal immigrants–can apply for city services. Then it’s just a matter of time before some leftist argues that municipal ID cards should be accepted for other things … like voting.

  12. Duplicating services one step forward three steps back… I don’t see any benefit towards humanity in this, just more wasted energy. Perhaps she needs to circle back.

  13. Well now it looks like you all elected someone as smart as AOC.
    Jack Porter our own littke scatter brained AOC.
    Way to go local voters!!!!

  14. Wait, I thought an ID was too much to ask of someone when it comes time to vote? Now these lunatics want to issue you an ID just for living in the city?

    Jack Porter is an idiot, the southside of town sounds like the OK Corral every dang night and she’s worried about signing people up for an ID card that doesn’t exist, and shouldn’t exist!

    Idiots…. all of em!

  15. So how much is this going to cost. Since it will allegedly require the same form of ID that a State ID requires why don’t people just get the State ID. If it is a matter of cost to the individual it would probably be way cheaper to just pay for the State ID ($31) for residents who meet some economic threshold than pay for another bureaucracy to handle this. It would also insure that it is accepted as a valid ID for things like voting.

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