Weekly Report Ending April 18th: COVID Indicators Tick Up

Weekly Report Ending April 18th: COVID Indicators Tick Up

TR’s weekly report (April 11 – April 18) on Leon County COVID cases, hospitalizations, and testing positivity rates is detailed below.

TR’s April 11th weekly report can be reviewed here.

The weekly COVID report, ending April 18th, shows all indicators increased, but are still below notable benchmarks.

For example, the positivity rate increased from 3.2% last week to 4.0% this week. However, the 7-day average positivity rate has been below 5% for 54 consecutive days.

Since the middle to the end of January 2021, the charts below show the significant downward trend in the three indicators. However, during the last 2-3 weeks the indicators have been moving up.

The Numbers

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow-line) of reported COVID cases moved from 35 cases on April 11th to 40 cases on April 18th, a 14.3% increase.

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow-line) of reported COVID hospitalizations changed from 20 on April 11th to 24 reported on April 18th, a 20.0% increase.

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow line) COVID positivity rate changed from 3.2% on April 11th to 4.0% on April 18th, a 25.0% increase.

5 Responses to "Weekly Report Ending April 18th: COVID Indicators Tick Up"

  1. Most likely, Covid-19 will never be 100% gone. Like any other communicable disease, we will have cases and learn to live with it. There has been too much politicizing of public health measures. Government ‘forcing’ people to take actions that don’t meet their needs never works – just creates resistance.
    Masks have been shown to be a helpful tool in some situations. Why not educate people when to use masks, handwashing, how to cough and sneeze into tissues or elbows and encourage employers and schools to have people stay home when they are symptomatic – would make a lot more sense and limit transmission of other respiratory infections!
    Yes, there will be some people who choose not to do any of these measures – that’s life.

  2. All these low numbers and yet the masks continue without end. Another local news outlet ran a story about how bad littered masks are for wildlife. Are we to expect the county to help clean up all this bio-hazard waste?

  3. The percentage increases reported are meaningless. If there was 1 case and it went to 2 it would be an increase of 100%. Just report raw numbers!

  4. Is anyone studying the possibility that the ticking up if indicators might be due to the Dementia Joe Biden Sadminstration’s open border policies that allows for the unfettered invasion of our country by drugs, criminals, child molesters, human trafficker’s, rapists, murderers, thieves, gangbangers, and disease infected illegal alien’s?

    … asking for a friend

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