Leon County Children’s Services Council Announces First Meeting

Leon County Children’s Services Council Announces First Meeting

The recently created Leon County Children’s Services Council is set to hold its first meeting on May 6th for 3 to 5 p.m. The meeting will take place on the fifth floor of the Leon County Courthouse, 301 S. Monroe St.

Leon County voters approved the creation of the Council, which includes a new property tax, in the 2020 general election. The tax is expected to generate about $8 million a year and is dedicated to children related issues.

Governor DeSantis announced his five selections for the Council last month. These appointments will join five members previously appointed as required by law.

The agenda for meeting is included below.

4 Responses to "Leon County Children’s Services Council Announces First Meeting"

  1. Why do taxpayers fund the Department of Children and Family Services, the Big Bend CBC and this goofy committee? They, and other existing private agencies share the same alleged mission to protect and serve the needs of vulnerable children. In 1969 the legislature unified human services under the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services to eliminate duplication and fragmentation of children services. Over the years because of competing political agendas HRS was eroded and then finally abolished. Before creating new and non responsive citizen gimmicks, Florida needs to make the existing ones work. All one has to do is to attend a dependency hearing in the Leon County Courthouse and watch the local social/legal mob milking the system. One troubled child and a dozen or so who claim various roles. It is like dogs fighting over a bone. Millions of dollars support the ineffective bureaucracy while children continue to fall through the cracks. Now we have a new social club searching for ways to justify itself. An illusion of progress to be sure.

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