Leon County School Meeting Briefs April 27, 2021

Leon County School Meeting Briefs April 27, 2021

Listed below are notes from the April 27th Leon County School Board meeting.

  • During the Leon County School Board Business Meeting on Monday around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, there was an agitated disruption. According to the Board Chair, Georgia Bowen, the situation apparently was handled by security and the meeting was able to continue. Moving forward Bowen insisted if there are interruptions like the one on Monday, they will have a 15-minute recess, the Board will temporarily withdraw, and security will clear the room of visitors. Once the room is cleared the Board will return, and the meeting will resume. No details describing the interruption were given during the meeting.
  • Chiles High School Principal Joseph Burgess introduced his schools Black History Brain Bowl Team. Members included Aziza Davis, Noah Kabbaj, Destiny Stewart, Jordanne Stewart, and Alana Waddell. The team won this year’s state competition. Burgess said all the students on the team are “scholars and will do great things.”
  • The number of district employees vaccinated against COVID-19 as of this week is 54%.
  • School Board Member Rosanne Wood commented that the 54% of vaccinated employees is low and concerning. “I want a full-on campaign to get teachers vaccinated,” Wood said. “I’d like to see incentives…it is important to have teaches vaccinated,” if not for themselves for their co-workers. 
  • Superintendent Rocky Hanna noted that they are receiving numerous inquiries regarding plans for the next school year related to wearing masks and social distancing. Hanna said, “I think it is premature for us now to really have those discussions.”
  • The Board will have a comprehensive report on the budget for next year during the next meeting on May 11th.
  • After a thorough application review, the Superintendent and Board denied the approval of the Red Hills Academy Charter School with a 3-2 vote.

5 Responses to "Leon County School Meeting Briefs April 27, 2021"

  1. Our granddaughter, an 11th grader in the AP program, was required to self quarantine a week because she was seated near another student who was diagnosed with COVID. The classes missed due to over-reaction is a bigger problem than the COVID.

  2. I don’t think requiring a Teacher to be vaccinated is reasonable. Are all, are Teachers required to get a flu shot?

    If masks are required for the upcoming school year parents should boycott.

  3. ““I want a full-on campaign to get teachers vaccinated,” Wood said. “I’d like to see incentives”

    Here is the ONLY incentive you need……. “You can’t work or draw Income UNTIL you get Vaccinated”. Problem solved.

  4. I see Rocky Hanna is in lockstep with the Teacher’s Union! My goodness man, take the dadgum masks off those kids!

  5. All one has to do – in order to fully recognize the dysfunction, disconnect, and danger of the Public Indoctrination System – is read this brief. The damage they are doing to our children – and thus our future – is reprehensible.

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