Leon County Monthly COVID Deaths Lowest Since July

Leon County Monthly COVID Deaths Lowest Since July

The latest COVID reports show that there has been 314 deaths attributed to COVID-19 since April 2020. The chart below shows the monthly distribution of the deaths from April 2020 to April 2021.

The nine reported deaths in April 2021 are the lowest number of deaths since the six reported deaths in July 2020.

The peak in Leon County deaths occurred in January 2021 when 56 deaths were reported. Since January 2021 the number of reported deaths have declined for three consecutive months – this has not occurred since the pandemic began.

7 Responses to "Leon County Monthly COVID Deaths Lowest Since July"

  1. These death stats from DOH have to be taken with a grain of salt. One day they will report 315 deaths then miraculously somehow they’ll jump back to 313 deaths. I’ve observed this on more than one occasion.

  2. Never forget the “front line” doctors who faked their vaccine injections on live TV. They were ER and Intensive Care Unit providers who did not need the news to tell them anything about this virus and what it actually does to patients. That should tell you all you need to know about how “deadly” Covid actually is to people without pre-existing mortalities.
    We cannot say if their aversion to the vaccine was based on them feeling it was not needed or that they were also concerned about it’s potential side effects, but we absolutely know them “getting the shot” was a ruse.

  3. A recent national article exclaimed that the US is “running out of adults willing to get vaccinated”. An informed citizenry is the NaziCrats worst nightmare. Expect a continued heavy push for mandated vaccination, complete with legal ramifications for those who “choose” to pass on the $2k shots of sugar water and fertilizer runoff.

    I expect we’ll first see mandated vaccination for all government employees. A Feed the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex or Lose Your Job Policy.

  4. Bio-warfare unleashed by a country in collusion with the liberal Democrats and Big Tech committing horrendous crimes against humanity for political power.

    They have killed millions, fooled millions, stole an election and worse. Their token leader who has his own pedophile son protected while the Whistleblower gets a visit from the FBI. Political persecution continues… political persecution continues political persecution continues.

    The new “Just Us” for all.

  5. I’m sure those death counts will rise again once they start classifying the deaths from the experimental injections (a.k.a. fake vaccines) as Covid Deaths. And before the clown show of comments rejecting my assertion, I’m not anti-vax I used to get my seasonal flu shots, shingle vax, etc. I’m just pro critical thinking and altering your immune system via experimental gene therapy injections is not normal or natural. Especially when billions are thrown at Big Pharma who have proven to be pure evil. There is no money to be made in deaths and no money to be made in promoting cheap easy prophylaxis treatment of Covid. But there sure is money to be made in keeping folks scared and sick.

    The CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is reporting well over 2,500 deaths from these experimental injections. There’s even one report of a 5 month old dying after breast feeding from their injected mother. Questions are arising as to the transmissability of the genetically created spike protein these experimental injections create. As a baseline, there were approximately 25 deaths associated with flu vaccines the last year we had an official flu, 2019.

    Of course all this information and debate is being suppressed. The sheeple must shut up and listen to their Branch Covidian clergy and take the experimental injections. How else are we going to return to “normal” so we can continue to be sick for the Gov/Med/Pharma Cartel?

  6. The China Bio-Weapon Flu Scamdemic numbers have been fudged from the get-go. There was no greater display of the disconnect from reality than a half-empty vaccinated session of Congress, all fart-distancing and wearing face diapers, as they listen to CCP puppet and Dementia patient berate our Republic and share their plans to destroy it.

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