Leon County to Schedule Workshop with City to Address Homelessness

Leon County to Schedule Workshop with City to Address Homelessness

During the next Leon County Commissioners meeting, the Board will consider the request to schedule a workshop with the City of Tallahassee to discuss the homelessness issue. The Board will also consider scheduling a separate workshop on affordable housing.

This consideration comes after Tallahassee City Commissioners voted to delay a meeting with the County in early March 2021, choosing to wait until the Big Bend Continuum of Care was able to gather more data on the issue.

If approved by the County Board, the workshop will be scheduled for Tuesday, July 13, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. with both the County and City Commission and the Big Bend Continuum of Care (CoC).

The joint workshop on homelessness, will provide an overview of the problem in Leon County. The workshop will include presentations focused on homeless encampments, homeless service resources, and details on federal and state funding of homeless services in the community. The CoC will present extensive data on homelessness and the needs of the community.  

Also, County staff will work with the City to identify a date in early 2022 to schedule a workshop to discuss affordable housing. This meeting will take place after the completion of the City and County Affordable Housing Advisory Committee annual reports.

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  1. .Are you referring to the Homeless the tax payer has staying at the Hotel next to I-10 and HWY 27 north? At least they left my home area in Gadsden County for better benefits in Leon County. Ask yourself, when was the last time the County Commission and/or the City Board did anything properly? Stop giving them money and they will move on. Better yet, stick them on a bus, drive them up to Bainbridge GA and let them pick tomatoes.

  2. After living and working on pennsacola, seeing 34 people murdered that I knew.
    I lived on cactus the landlord stole my money.
    Some matter some don’t.

  3. When they hold the workshop on affordable housing I hope they would consider this…
    “Regulations imposed by all levels of government account for $93,870, or 23.8% of the current average sales price ($397,300) of a new single-family home, according to a new study by NAHB (National Home Builders Association)
    Of the $93,870 figure, $41,330 is attributable to regulation during development, and $52,540 is due to regulation during construction.”
    If you want more affordable house you can start by cutting out the “help” from the government.

  4. I suspect this homeless ‘Wokeshop” will produce the same results as every other homeless “Wokeshop” has… and that means it will cost the taxpayers even more.

    The NaziCrat motto is “Always More; Never Enough”. Expect that to hold true here as well.

  5. While they’re “wirkshopping” the problem grows. If they don’t do something we’ll end up like California. Not all the homeless here need help. Some choose the gypsy/pandering life and need the boot out of here so efforts can help those who really need it

  6. When the cars are lined up in long lines to get gas the homeless will be lined up right along with them pandering. What is it with Democrats and high gas prices and gas shortages?

    O/T – did anyone notice that Sean Pittman was on the list for the FSU position? Please Lord help this man to get some self-awareness. I’m going to go with Frank Brogan on this one!

  7. It’s about time!… no doubt this collection of Woke Wackos will come up with the answer that the other 42,387 workshops held throughout the world over the past 9 decades haven’t. I can’t wait to see the results of this meeting of that mindless… I wonder what they’ll serve for lunch?

    (sarcasm off)

  8. Workshop and Obama’s endless task forces = same thing an exercise in making sheep voters think something is being done when in fact no positive results are to be expected.
    The homeless from Gadsden County were quick to relocate to Leon County when we started offering more services.
    So more services is not the answer unless the goal is more homeless people in Leon County. Perhaps less services and they will migrate to Hillsborough or Pinellas County…or maybe Key West.

  9. They are going to “workshop” homelessness? Is this from an episode of Parks and Rec?

    Obviously, all of the commission members are too stupid to be embarrassed.

    I got sumthin’ they can workshop…;)

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