Blueprint to Address Major Economic Development Projects

Blueprint to Address Major Economic Development Projects

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (IA) is scheduled to address several major economic development projects at the May 27th meeting. The IA Board consists of the seven Leon County Commissioners and five Tallahassee City Commissioners.

Project Mango

Project Mango, the code name for the potential expansion of a yet-to-be named Fortune 500 Company into the Tallahassee area, was recently added to the agenda. The IA Board will vote on approving the Target Business Program application which includes $2,565,299 in incentives for the company. The incentive funds would come from the capital budget of the Office of Economic Vitality.

Florida State University

The IA Board will vote to conclude MOU negotiations with Florida State University on the proposed convention center project at the Tucker Civic Center location at this time. The decision not to move forward with project is based a number of factors which include construction cost increases, budgetary limitations compared with limited funding available to construct a project and the economic recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The IA Board will also consider a new funding request from FSU related to needed repairs at Doak S. Campbell Stadium. FSU is seeking funding based on the significant economic impact of the activities conducted at the stadium on the local economy. In addition, the request notes the funding is similar to the approved request from Florida A&M University for Bragg Stadium repairs and the most recent request by Tallahassee Community for funding to upgrade their athletic facilities.

Tallahassee Community College

The IA Board will vote on a Tallahassee Community College request for approximately $1 million to be used to upgrade athletic facilities. TCC leadership has indicated that matching funds, approximately $1.5 million, will be provided by a combination of foundation and grant funding.

TCC has indicated that the upgrades will allow TCC to expand its hosting of sports tournaments, bringing in additional tourism and recreation dollars to the community.

The Market District Park

The IA Board will vote to approve the Market District Concept Plan and authorize Blueprint to advertise, negotiate, and award a contract for design services for the Blueprint Market District Park. The next phase for $16 million project will begin in fall 2021 and includes planning and public outreach for neighborhood trail connectivity to the Market District and pedestrian and streetscaping improvements.

6 Responses to "Blueprint to Address Major Economic Development Projects"

  1. Didn’t FSU spend hundreds of millions on stadium upgrades over the last 15 yrs? All that brick? wasn’t that the largest brick construction job in the southeast US at that time, and then the Champions level just a few years ago.

  2. MOU is short for Memorandum of Understanding, a summary of terms and conditions executed prior to final Contract.

  3. When Leon County voters and Tallahassee City voters elect commissioners who are developers, or who are paid by development interests or accept large campaign donations from development interests, the citizenry ought not to be surprised that the top priority of the commissions becomes development, even at the cost of established residential neighborhoods.

  4. I am confused. Did we pass the penny sales tax to give money to colleges and universities for athletic program upgrades, or was it supposed to be for public infrastructure?

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