Project Mango Targeted Business Application

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  1. The application is specifically for participation in the Targeted Business “Program”… question 11 asks;

    “Is this within a City and/or County area identified by program or policy targeted for economic growth?” … the answer to the question is, “No”

  2. Great points everyone and thank you TR for getting your hands on this. This is great inside baseball information.

    As for question 11 it might be related to determining if the development is in some kind of Economic Development Zone which DEO oversees and entitles chosen developments to receive state tax breaks. The NAICS code is spot on for electronic shopping and mail-order houses. So odds are it is NOT something like Dollar General.

    This is a terrific, albeit small, example of how governments and big business are in bed with each other. I have mixed feelings, on the one hand I’m glad to see something else other than government being developed in the Capital District. Maybe these will be good jobs. Right now, the labor market is incredibly restricted as folks refuse to get back to work. Help wanted signs are everywhere and even Ruby Tuesday’s is advertising via signage outside a $200 bonus if you start with them. On the other hand, I’m always nervous, like Snidely pointed out, of the dollars possibly flowing to our Capital District Kommissars over this.

  3. @Tony,

    If it was Dollar General they would be referring to it as a distribution center not Fulfillment Center.

  4. I don’t remember, in any of the Articles I have read that it said that it WAS Amazon and yet many of the people I have talked to said it IS Amazon………….. Maybe it is BUT, it will be funny as hell if it turned out to be Dollar General…………

  5. Its all irrelevant because the funds have already been transferred to our elected nannies accounts. None of this would have been possable without our school superintendent having blazed the path by showing the anonymity and total legality of those HAA HAA styled accounts.
    Note to FBI do not look into this: these are good Democrats and its OK.
    Citizens you are to praise your elected nannies for their great wisdom in bringing Mango to our economey. Oh and express your feelings that its worth every penny we give away to have Mango here. Thank you oh great kind and benevolent leaders.
    No more questions…everyone just move along like nothing happened.

  6. Edward Lyle for County Attorney!

    @Ann Coates,

    Yes, the signature name needs to be disclosed. I agree, hilarious!

  7. Just a few observations.. if I may…

    It would appear that the answer to question #11 would automatically disqualify this business from this program.

    The answers to questions #20 & 21 are problematic to the TBP’s intended goals.

    Appendix B completely lacks sustainability factors necessary to adequately justify long term viability and community commitment, and thus, an equitable return on the investment. (Note: never trust a penciled-in promise). Additionally, under “Location” is confirmation of possible program participation disqualification (see answer to Question 11). Moreover, the requested “Inducement Period” is irrelevant and capricious given the aforementioned lack of the sustainability and length of community and economic commitment.

    Conclusion: This entire TBP concept and structure needs a serious and earnest redevelopment in order to be truly legitimate, successful, valuable to the community, and to maintain effectiveness as a Economic Development Program into the future.

  8. I’m assuming they gave you a blanket citation for trade secrets?

    The signature is not confidential or a trade secret. Hilarious.

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