Poll: Charlie Crist Leads Nikki Fried in 2022 Gubernatorial Primary Poll

Poll: Charlie Crist Leads Nikki Fried in 2022 Gubernatorial Primary Poll

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist (D-13) leads all Florida Democrats in the 2022 gubernatorial primary in a recently released St. Pete Polls survey. In the poll, Crist came away with 55 percent of respondents, while likely candidate and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried only drew 22 percent.

Only 11 percent of voters are supporting other candidates and 12 percent are undecided.

The poll was conducted from May 24 through May 26 and had over 2500 respondents, with just under a 2 percent margin of error. The poll took place just days before Fried will likely be officially announcing her candidacy on June 1.

Despite the overwhelming support for Crist, only a fraction of respondents, 30 percent, gave Crist a better than even odds to unseat Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Similarly, 29 percent called the race a coin flip between the two candidates.

From the results, there is even less enthusiasm for Fried to beat DeSantis. Only 14 percent said she would win, and 29 percent said she would win in a coin flip. If Fried defeated DeSantis, she would be the first female governor to hold to the post in Florida, but that did not sway female voters who sided 57 percent for Crist and 20 percent for Fried.

Earlier this month, the Florida Chamber of Commerce released a poll showing DeSantis is leading the top three likely Democratic challengers: Crist, Fried, and U.S. Rep. Val Demings (D-10). Demings recently announced she will be challenging Florida Senator Marco Rubio instead.

Specifically, DeSantis would beat Fried and Crist by double digits each in a hypothetical head-to-head general election. Republicans had an overwhelmingly positive view of DeSantis, while Democrats had just the opposite. Notably, No-Party-Affiliated voters who participated in the Florida Chamber poll viewed DeSantis in a positive light by a margin of 57-37.

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Grant Holcomb is a reporter at the Florida Capital Star and the Star News Network. Follow Grant on Twitter and direct message tips.
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8 Responses to "Poll: Charlie Crist Leads Nikki Fried in 2022 Gubernatorial Primary Poll"

  1. @Snidely,

    It wasn’t just a moment of bad judgment on Gillum’s part… it was years of intentional wrongdoing, corruption, and fornication. He orchestrated a million dollar payout of tax dollars to one of his partners in crime (and fornicator’s) for the Edison restaurant. He believes because his mother was a bus driver he should rule the world and be King. Gillum was protected, promoted, and enabled by Sean Pittman. Gillum’s blatant fornication and graft was on full display in New York City, at the play Hamilton, of which, the FBI had had enough and exposed it all. Gillum tried without success to blame his brother.

    All the while Gillum’s pastor appearing in TV ads for fundraising. To the local pastors… keep the politics out of your church and put Jesus back in!

    Charlie Crist is no better… how many of his friends have been on American Greed for crimes Crist has openly been involved and received funds?

    Don’t even get me started on Nikki Weed.

    But, fear not there is light on the horizon …DeSantis 2022!

  2. Thank you Edward. If only Gillum was not married to a woman with kids when his perv abominations came boiling to the surface in that Miami hotel room he would be “the one” for Crist.
    The “news” wont discuss politics in real terms that mean something to the general public. But we will

  3. That’s a reasonable consideration Snidely, and not at all outside the realm of possibilities. But I think her baggage is heavy, and will get even heavier as time passes. I think there’s more to come. Knowing the NaziCrat Party’s proclivity for playing identity politics, I suspect he will be told to pick a more exploitable minority. The Party has no concerns or interest in a person’s actual ability or knowledge. They will likely insist on a person who is either black, Hispanic, maybe Asian… and they must be either a homertesticle, lesbotarian, biphornicator, or even someone who suffers from Gender Dysphoria and struggles with wardrobe and restroom choices.

    They are unable to offer or stand on any substantive platform or issues, so they must resort to their standard exploitation MO of fear, lies, guilt, and emotions. For the NaziCrats it’s never about the people or good governance… it’s always about power and a destructive agenda.

  4. Edward do you think theres an upside for Christ to invite Fried to be his running mate?
    I think Nikki would go for it.

  5. Nikki Weed is done. Her Conflicts of Interest and obvious acts of Public Corruption are too damaging and real to withstand scrutiny. Chuck Crist is the NaziCrats only hope… and it’s very slim one at that. Florida leans right, and will not remove a successful Governor based on a campaign of lies, socialist rhetoric, hate, and nonsensical slander. Indeed the Florida liberal rags will provide the clear and present illegal in-kind campaign donations to the NaziCrat members… but reality will check-in when all is said and done.

    Chuck is the quintessential unprincipled swamp creature, and Informed Americans have had enough. “America First” will dominate the cycle, and Chuck simply doesn’t have the earnest integrity to sell it. It was a huge mistake for Chuck to give up his gravy train in Congress. But then again, he’s triple dipping on the taxpayers dime at this point… so I think he and his beard will be fine… so long as he keeps at least two pool boys on the books.

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