Nikki Fried Amends Financial Disclosure Ahead of Campaign Announcement

Nikki Fried Amends Financial Disclosure Ahead of Campaign Announcement

For the second time in less than two years Nikki Fried – the current Florida Agriculture Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate – has amended her 2018 financial disclosure form filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics.

The latest amendment, filed on May 28, 2021, comes just days before she officially announced she would be running for governor.

The amendment relates to her gross income in part D of the form. Fried changed the amount of income she received from Igniting Florida to $351,480.

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Initially, Fried’s 2018 form 6 had no reference to Igniting Florida. Then Fried filed an amendment on January 30, 2020 adding Igniting Florida as a source of $72,000 in 2018 income. Fried also listed Igniting Florida as a consulting business with her as the sole owner.

The latest amendment indicates Fried overlooked $351,480 in income, which she collected in 2018, when filing the required financial disclosure. In addition, Fried overlooked $280,000 in 2018 income when she filed her first amendment to the form in January 2020.

The source of the income is listed as San Felasco Nursery in Gainesville, Florida.

In 2018 it was reported that Harvest Health purchased San Felasco Nurseries for $65 million.

At the time of the purchase San Felasco held a medical marijuana dispensary license and was authorized to operate as a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center in the state of Florida that can produce, process and dispense medical marijuana and marijuana products. Each Medical Marijuana Treatment Center is allowed to operate up to 25 dispensaries in the State of Florida, subject to increase in certain circumstances.

Fried’s latest financial disclosure form (2020) shows that she has an ongoing financial interest in Harvest Health. In addition, Fried’s family members, including her father, have secured financial interests in marijuana companies since Fried was elected to her statewide position. 

15 Responses to "Nikki Fried Amends Financial Disclosure Ahead of Campaign Announcement"

  1. What ever happened to just plain old honesty. Why can’t people running for office just tell us the truth.

  2. She regulates the business she owns? Can you say “Conflict of Interest”? Hello, Florida Ethics Commission, anybody paying attention?

  3. Florida Bar Member Number 686980.

    She should know better. She should have known to report that, as an attorney. I have to do these every year and am also an attorney. This was an intentional, and negligent at best, act of fraud and deception. Has she been reported to the Bar yet?

    Even better, check the member profile link. She has her Gmail listed, while otherwise listing contact information as the Comm. Ag.

    Is she using her personal email to conduct state business?

    Steve and TR — you should think about making a public records request.

  4. Not much chance of her overtaking Old Charlie, who nobody wanted so he changed parties, oh the lucky democrats, and Charlie doesn’t have a chance against DeSantis unless he runs for President.

  5. So someone who cant properly handle the most basic financial reporting of her OWN life wants to be Governor.
    HA HA

  6. A financial blunder of this magnatude would be devastating for a conservative and would have Democrats hooping and hollering and screaming at the sky for the conservative to pull out of the race.
    However for a Democrat it is a badge of honor.

  7. So, what else is new? (sarcasm off) Perhaps it’s short term memory loss

    Democrats lie, cheat, steal, and rig elections… oh, and love to murder innocent babies at-will under the guise of “Women’s Healthcare”

    … on THIS… the Science is Settled

  8. Again, she is the epitome of what gives public servants a bad name. She has no interest in serving the public-at-large she only has an interest in enriching herself.

    Excellent reporting TR!

    O/T- who paid for and produced the TV commercial that is running currently with the mayor, Rocky Hanna, Diane Williams Cox, Commissioner Cummings, and Sheriff Walt McNeil?

    It is poorly disguised as a public service announcement, but it is nothing more than publicity stunt to promote themselves.

    Once again the epitome of self-serving politicians shamelessly promoting themselves. Once again who paid for this ad and who produced it?

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