Tragic Crash on Meridian Road Leads to Proposed Safety Enhancements

Tragic Crash on Meridian Road Leads to Proposed Safety Enhancements

During this Tuesday’s meeting, the Leon County Commission is set to vote on safety enhancements to the section of Meridian Road between Gardner Road and Summerbrooke Drive. The enhancements are estimated to have a fiscal impact of $6,000 and will be procured from existing funds under the road maintenance budget.   

The recommendations for the enhancements come after a recent vehicular accident involving three teenagers, two of which tragically lost their lives and one suffered minor injuries.  

On the morning of March 29, 2021, the SUV carrying the three teens, departed its lane along an “S” curve on Meridian Road. The particular area is prone to accidents, 16 occurring in the last three years. Eight of the 16 crashes were caused by going off road or lane departures, which makes up half of the accidents. Animal related reasons or other contributing factors, such as a rear end collision, make up the other fifty percent.  

Additionally, it was found that 11 of the 16 crashes occurred after dark and only four of the crashes occurred due to poor weather conditions.

The countermeasures proposed are to install Retro-reflective Pavement Markers to the center-line of the road and to the edge of the pavement. These pavement markers will enhance visibility at night, as well as create a vibration if a vehicle strays from their lane.

Chevron signs.

Chevron signs would also be added along the curve where there is sufficient right-of-way present. According to the report “vehicular running speed is markedly lower” with the presents of chevron signs. The signs will further provide additional warning for drivers to be mindful of their speed and lane position.   

5 Responses to "Tragic Crash on Meridian Road Leads to Proposed Safety Enhancements"

  1. You could put Guardrails with Nascar style “Safety Barriers” all the way down the Canopy Roads and with in a month, you will be needing to add the Catch Fence as well. The Teens can’t put their Cell Phones down for 1 Minute let alone 30 Minutes.

  2. No one would “design” a new road with narrow shoulders, short sightlines, trees almost to the edge-of-pavement.
    I love our canopy roads, and I think we should keep them – but they are inherently dangerous. The county should install whatever safety enhancements are practical on Meridian, as well as Centerville, Miccosukee, Old St Augustine, and Old Bainbridge. I agree with oldtownclown62, this is what our tax dollars are supposed to be used for.

  3. That’s what our tax dollars are supposed to be used for, safer roads.
    I was a teenager once upon a time.

  4. I have told my son for years (he’s still two away from getting his driver’s license) that he is not allowed to drive Meridian nor Old Bainbridge until he has graduated college. These two roadways are so dangerous. Sad to hear about all these tragic teen losses. Let’s pray this plan will prevent future ones.

  5. How about driving the speed limit, not texting, not drinking or smoking weed. Those would do more than anything they are proposing.

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