Tallahassee Awarded Coveted LEED Gold Certification

Tallahassee Awarded Coveted LEED Gold Certification

On June 2nd the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) awarded the City of Tallahassee a Gold level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The USGBC’s LEED certification is a rating system related to a community’s efforts on sustainability and resiliency performance.

The award was created in 2016 for the purpose of encouraging cities and communities to increase the standards of living.

A few examples of what is measured by the USGBC include the enhancement of a city’s infrastructure, efforts in creating affordable housing for underprivileged citizens, environmental achievements, public transportation, and other accomplishments by a city to increase their quality of life.

To earn the LEED Gold certification, the City of Tallahassee conducted an in-depth, cross-departmental data analysis and evaluation related to its strategic sustainability and resilience efforts. The City earned maximum points in five categories which included integrative planning, natural systems and ecology, transportation & land use, energy and greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainability & resiliency innovation.

“From how we leverage technology and modernize our infrastructure to how we preserve canopy coverage and grow our parks system, the City’s commitment to sustainable progress has forged new solutions to issues facing many communities around the world,” Mayor John Dailey said. “This certification and record-breaking score recognize the multitude of efforts – both past and present – by the City of Tallahassee to deliver quality municipal services in innovative ways, to provide current residents and future generations the opportunity to live their best lives here.”

The City of Tallahassee joins 126 cities and communities that have also earned the LEED Gold Certification. Tallahassee also joins 13 other governments in Florida that have earned the certification.

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  1. I laugh when I see stories like this, meanwhile the city run irrigation system is watering the traffic lanes on Blair Stone Rd in the middle of the day. Great way to save water guys.

  2. Congrats to the photographer:
    1). For capturing that total putz look on Flintstone’s face.
    But most of all and at the same time:
    2). For capturing…again at the same time…the 3 letter word that best describes the man behind the award.
    Dont see it? Look to your left to the left of the lady with the black hair.
    A true photographic stroke of genius! Thank you Mr./Ms. photographer!

  3. Good point Snidely… the expression on the Mayor’s face says it all. It’s almost as if he realizes the foolishness of this charade.

  4. How much did we the people pay for this “award”?
    Government has no money of its own. Its all we the peoples money.

    Look at the picture:

    Mayor Flintstone looks like a total putz holding up that meaningless award he paid for with our money.

  5. When you have Solid Waste unable to be picked-up on your scheduled day for months on end (because the contract was negotiated by Scott Maddox and Gary Yordon) and the Boulos Corporation development on Apalachee Parkway that is horrendously landscaped and the back of the houses facing the road, there is no way this city should have been awarded anything… this is the biggest farcical publicity stunt that just keeps going on and on with this mayor; make it stop!

  6. @ Tony… you 100% on track. It’s a complete fraud. It’s all about “declaring” your commitment to the warming globes ruse and the green building baloney. LEED construction increase the cost of construction by near 30-60%… thus rendering the property unaffordable to potential tenants. This is the dirty little reality the leave out of the discussion. They use nifty terms like “enhancement”, “achievements”, and “quality of life” to help gloss-over the eyes of the left-wing wackos that support this nonsense.

  7. Don’t they know Gold is the root of all evil? You would think a green org’s top award would be Green! Silly me…

  8. the enhancement of a city’s infrastructure ………………… WHEN did this take place?
    efforts in creating affordable housing for underprivileged citizens …………. Is TALKING about it the same as “Efforts”?
    environmental achievements ……………… When did THIS happen?
    public transportation ………………. I thought PT Ridership was DOWN?
    other accomplishments by a city to increase their quality of life. ……………. Please explain.

    SO, the City got to Grade itself………….OOOOOOKay, that explains it.

  9. More publicity stunts and propaganda and Democratic party tricks when all it really does is enhance sales from China and actually increases the energy usage. The mayor working for the Democratic party agenda tied into the CCP. Meanwhile Leon County has a high hunger and crime rate.

    Faucism… opening the gates to the bio-weapon crimes against humanity, allowing these farces and scams to continue.

  10. A whole lot of patting each other on the back for spending taxpayer money. Nobody’s life will get better because of this award.

  11. A feckless Green New Deal plaque is all… not worth the trees they killed to provide the paper for the certificate.

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