Chief Revell Addresses Politicians, Use of Force, and Staffing Levels

Chief Revell Addresses Politicians, Use of Force, and Staffing Levels

The Chief of Police Lawrence Revell appeared on The Morning Show with Preston Scott on Monday June 7th, 2021 and discussed concerns about the use of force related to a recent incident and staff issues with the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD).

On the use of force incident, Revell stated that the events that transpired between the officers and the offender on May 20th were well within TPD policy.

Revell noted that officers arrived on scene with the driver asleep at the wheel at an intersection on Tennessee Street, and a DUI expert was called to complete a field sobriety test. The driver was deemed intoxicated, and the officers began their arrest. At this point the offender began to resist and became non-compliant. 

Chief Revell stated that when the officer struck the man in his thigh that it was not excessive, and the moment the offender began to comply with the officer’s requests, the officer halted the use of his baton. The officer showed restraint and “that use of force is exactly within policy.”

Revell also addressed comments by elected officials related to the incident.

Revell noted there has been discussions concerning changing the current policy. He advised against making changes, he stated “I caution people, be careful, if you keep taking tools away from officers at the lower end of the spectrum, you are going to force them to a higher level of the spectrum.”   

Revell said that TPD’s policies are “nationally leading policies.” According to Chief Revell, when determining departments procedures, they consider input form the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA), and the Florida Sheriff’s Association. These organizations lead in research, education, and training for the various police and security agencies in the State of Florida. Furthermore, TPD policies are compared to at least 18 to 20 other accredited agencies that are of equal or greater in size to TPD. 

In an effort for transparency, the TPD’s policies are available online for viewing.

With regards to staffing, Chief Revell said TPD currently has 380 officers and he is hoping to hire fifty more. Revell commented that the Tallahassee City Commission has been supportive and has aided in funding the local recruiting efforts. He also said that of the 50 positions that are filled, 40 of them will be for patrol activities.

Revell also said that “everybody is tired” from the level of work required due to the lack of manpower. 

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  1. Why does Revell wear so many ribbons they make him look like a cartoon character police chief and why are the regular commenters here so angry and extreme?

  2. The Tallahassee Report reads more and more like Trump Towers…. Some of these comments make me wonder where were these people on Jan 6th? Good job Steve…. You couldn’t get elected to public office, so you give HATE on platform…. WOW

  3. @Diana S,

    Agree a thousand percent that teaching should start at home and parents should be held accountable… But, all the more reason that teaching interventions need to be brought back for the sake of the children. Just because the parents fall short doesn’t mean we have to punish the children for it by withholding interventions.

  4. The reason the officers used batons is because they are prohibited from using tasers, a less harmful means of subduing violent suspects.

  5. All of the comments above are spot on. I will only add to Hope’s “bring back D.A.R.E. etc” This teaching should begin at home to be effective. Personality is largely formed by age 7. Also, kids spend much more time at home – however disastrous that is So holding parents responsible for the actions of their little darlings is crucial.

  6. I guess if they had shot him, then the BLM would descend raping looting burning…
    just let the criminals go!

  7. The citizens police review committee should ask itself the following questions:
    Would we have reviewed this incident if the suspect had been white?
    Are our actions placing our officers in a higher level of danger by restricting their response to dangerous suspects?
    Are our actions causing TPD officers to resign or retire early to go to another police agency?
    Are our actions why TPD can’t fill it’s officer vacancies?
    Do we as an oversight group allow our personal racial or political beliefs to determine our decisions.
    Are we as a board making Tallahassee a better place, or are we causing more unrest?

  8. Just about every law enforcement agency in the state is hiring law enforcement officers, or at least attempting to hire law enforcement officers. With the hostility of this community and the commission against police officers no one in their right mind would want to take a job here!

  9. If you don’t like being Treated like a Suspect, DON’T BECOME A SUSPECT. Model Citizens do NOT get harassed by Cops, they don’t get Shot by them, they don’t get Tazzed by them, isn’t that something?
    Another piece of advice: Don’t give the Cops a REASON to put their hand on their Gun.

  10. When you resist a lawful arrest… all bets are off as far as I’m concerned. And I don’t give a d**m if you don’t like it.

    STOP COMMITING CRIME… problem solved

  11. Thank you for your service Chief Revell.

    Cheif Revell is doing an excellent job and doing a good job of holding it together considering all the political ridiculousness he has to put up with.

    I saw the video in the entirety of what went down regarding the young man who was asleep at the wheel. The officers did do a very good job and had the patience of Job at the same time everyone was safe.

    I believe the young man was extremely verbally abusive to the police and almost trying to recreate another George Floyd situation. I hope the young man gets some help and goes on to have a peaceful and prosperous life.

    The officers went out of their way to be extremely kind to the troubled young man. This would be a good training film to show how someone being detained not to act and to show how the police acted responsibly.

    Bring back DARE, McGruff the crime dog, classes mandatory for all children to teach on how to act when they are detained by the police and how not to act.

    Chief Revell is an example of excellent police work.


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