Nikki Fried PAC Pays $25k for “Legal Services” to International Law Firm

Nikki Fried PAC Pays $25k for “Legal Services” to International Law Firm

The latest financial reports filed with Florida Department of State show that the PAC tied to Nikki Fried – Florida Consumers First – paid $25,755 to the law firm Perkins Coie, LLP.

According to campaign documents, the expenses were paid in two separate transactions recorded on May 11th and May 27th and were identified as “legal services”.

Expenditure from Florida Consumers First PAC

Perkins Coie, LLP is an international law firm founded in 1912 and located in Seattle, Washington with 20 offices in the United States, China, and Taiwan. In addition to corporate representation, the firm has represented political clients Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

This is the same law firm hired by former gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum in response to a federal investigation into Gillum’s PAC Forward Florida. The PAC spent approximately $225,000 with the law firm. The Tampa Bay Times reported that the escalating legal bills reflected the costs of complying with a sprawling federal grand jury subpoena issued to Forward Florida in 2019.

A search of the Florida Department of State Campaign fiance database shows that Fried and Gillum are the only notable politicians to hire the Perkins Coie law firm.

6 Responses to "Nikki Fried PAC Pays $25k for “Legal Services” to International Law Firm"

  1. @BigPapaTrump,

    Just guessing at what the “T” stands for, BigPapa… you sound very wise.

    This should be front-page news in every newspaper and news media across the country. Did the money they used to pay Chris Steele with come from Hillary?

    Nikki and Hillary can be cell mates.

  2. Perkins Coie. Hmm, sounds familiar. Wasn’t that the firm that paid Chris Steele to fabricate the Trump Russian dossier? You know, the one that sparked the bogus FISA warrants and the 2-year Mueller witch hunt that cost taxpayers over 30 million bucks?! Crooks of a feather flock together.

  3. Pretty sure this is another example of a spelling error Nikki has allowed to be entered into documents that she should have known are subject to official records requests.
    Coie…not Cole Nikki.
    It shows we are dealing with a rookie.
    I bet her staff at DOA could tell some horror stories on her professionalism.

  4. “As the Weed Smoke Thickens”

    The DemoKKKrats hire “international” law firms in order to hide evidence abroad and avoid Government in the Sunshine Laws. To be fair though, so do Republicans.

    “Corruption is as corruption does… sir” ~ Gorest Fump

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