Killearn Homeowners Association Releases Statement Ahead of NE Gateway Vote

Killearn Homeowners Association Releases Statement Ahead of NE Gateway Vote

The Killearn Homeowners Association (KHA) released a statement supporting the NE Gateway project ahead of a special Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (IA) meeting.

The special IA meeting was scheduled after six elected officials voted to delay the project to address concerns voiced by several members of the community.

The IA had previously voted 8-3 to approve the project.

The KHA release states, in part, that a delay “may further jeopardize the agreements made thus far with Blueprint, we ask that you express support for voting to approve the PD&E Study.”

The full statement is provided below.

KHA Statement

Last year, after much work by the KHA Board, a compromise was reached between KHA and City and County Commissioners sitting as the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency, to ensure the Roberts Road connection would open before or concurrent with the Shamrock connection as part of the Northeast Gateway Project. This was adopted in a Substantial Amendment requiring a supermajority vote by Blueprint and is referred to as Corridor 1. This week, that vote is in jeopardary. A Special Meeting of Blueprint to vote on whether or not to accept the Northeast Gateway Project Development & Environment (PD&E) Study will be held on June 15, 2021 at 5 PM in City Hall Chambers (and virtually). The PD&E recommends Corridor 1 (all corridor options are shown on the next page).

From the start of the PD&E Study, KHA opposed the Northeast Gateway proposal to end the road at Shamrock as Blueprint had planned. Our opposition was based primarily on concerns related to predicted future increase in Killearn Estates’ traffic and the use of our neighborhood as a cut through for vehicles. KHA’s concerns were validated by traffic modeling data from the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency and confirmed by our own contracted traffic engineer.

The Substantial Amendment vote added a connection to Roberts Road into the current phase of the Northeast Gateway project; a change that minimized the predicted future traffic impact to Killearn Estates AND met the Northeast Gateway’s project goals of reducing traffic on Centerville and Thomasville even better than terminating the road at Shamrock. If Blueprint chooses any option other than a “No Build” option or the Corridor 1 alignment (Roberts and Shamrock), the Stubstantial Amendment we fought so hard for is at risk. As the “No Build” option is highly unlikely, your KHA Board supports Corridor 1 with the inclusion of the Roberts Road connection, assuming the predicted future traffic in Killearn Estates will be mitigated.

There are many opposed to the Northeast Gateway for reasons including concerns about how the road promotes sprawl, that development interests are pushing the project timeline, and that transportation demands may change post-pandemic. While KHA is supportive of those concerns, we are hyper-focused on minimizing future traffic impacts to our neighborhood roads. As delay to the adoption of the Northeast Gateway PD&E may further jeopardize the agreements made thus far with Blueprint, we ask that you express support for voting to approve the PD&E Study. For Corridor 1, the work is done.  


Register to speak virtually or to submit comments to Blueprint by 5 pm, June 14. More info here:

Special Intergovernmental Agency Board Meeting – Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (

11 Responses to "Killearn Homeowners Association Releases Statement Ahead of NE Gateway Vote"

  1. We left years ago and never looked back.
    We had to drive thru Tallahassee recently and we couldn’t get out of that traffic fast enough and the rude people we encountered. It was poorly run in the 2000 and has gotten worse! Enjoying peace, and nice people where we live now. Oh and most of all a commission that represents the people not themselves.

  2. @ Clyde… What you call trying to “limit growth by limiting infrastructure” is also known as smart and well throughout development and capital improvement planning. Clearly “growth” hasn’t been limited based on your concerns over traffic congestion and bottlenecks. Growth for the sake of growth does not work out well at all. There are plenty of example around the state and country of that.

    In case you hadn’t noticed – and to Mr. Hawkins’ point – growth for the sake of growth leads to what we’re seeing… to wit; neighborhood after neighborhood of postage stamp housing in order to maximize profitability without any consideration whatsoever to the long term impacts on resource availability. Some of these near zero lot line neighborhoods are so packed together, you could literally go from roof to roof with a normal walking stride. Moreover, it is the whole of the city – not the developer – that will be required to absorbed and fund the necessary increase in resource infrastructure needed to accommodate said growth… from roads, to water, to sewer, law enforcement, public transportation, et al…

    It’s a much bigger decision than just collecting a campaign check and slapping down a new road in return.

  3. ONE of the problems is, They keep allowing Developers to build 10 to 15 Homes per Acre on a large plot of Land. It used to be that the farther you go out, the more land each house had to have, NOW, it doesn’t seem to mater.

  4. This project only makes sense. why is there all of this negative talk about it? We love our canopy roads in Tally but the reality is that traffic is going to increase. For many of us who don’t live in Killearn Estates we cut through that neighborhood to get around traffic bottlenecks at the schools. Do you want that to keep increasing? Think about the last time we had a bad storm and both canopy roads were blocked. Look at cities and counties that have tried to limit growth by limiting infrastructure. It doesn’t go well at all.

  5. It’s going to happen no matter what YOU want. Find out who owns all the Vacant land around project that would benefit the most once it is built, which Developer and who they are Buddies with in Office. SOMEONE is going to come out a Winner in all this.

  6. “The fix is in” is a phrase that applies to just about every project that involves the county and city governments along with groups like Blueprint and other “convenient” agencies.

    From day one, the members of these groups know exactly what they want to accomplish. They won’t let anything or anyone stand in their way of achieving the intended project outcome.

    In the case of the NE gateway Project, the “fix was in” from day one. Those in the know knew exactly what they wanted the final outcome to be. Of course, they listened politely to inputs and suggestions from many residents and groups and then just ignored them.

    If you haven’t done so recently, try watching some of the county and city meetings or those of some of the other agencies. You’ll see and hear first-hand the comments from our commissioners and others as they drive each issue towards a predetermined final outcome. If it wasn’t so detrimental, corrupt and perhaps illegal it would be laughable.

    I’ve frequently heard commissioners using phrases like, “It’s time to bring this one in for a landing” or “Let’s get this one over the goal line” while getting ready for a final vote on a project or issue.

    Keep in mind, Tallahassee, that when you first hear about a new project or issue the “fix’ is already in and it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. Example: NE Gateway.

  7. So many tribal boards with so little concern for the tribes they profess to represent. Sounds an awful lot like the DC Bureaucratic and Establishment structure. Two things to keep in mind here…

    1. Elected politicians intentionally create shadow entires like the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency as a means to redirect responsibility and avoid accountability for unpopular (and at times criminal) actions. “Don’t blame us, blame them”… when in reality, they are them.

    2. All the blustering about jeopardizing “compromises, agreements, and amendments” is hogwash. They are banal threats designed to instill a fear of potential loss and to tug at your emotional strings in an effort to lull you into compliance… drizzled with a bit of surreptitious “you’re lucky you got this far” condescension. Do not be swayed and do not kid yourselves… nothing is ever settled, until it is settled and signatures are affixed.

    This is politics, pure and simple. To paraphrase Lewis Black… this is an example of Politicians and Developers working together… and they only thing worse than a politician and a developer… is when these pri*ks “work together”.

    Have the strength and courage to stand your ground. They will cave… because they want it more than you.

  8. Its too confusing now for most folks who are HOA members in Killearn to give a crap any longer about what the KHA’s position is on this issue.
    The few home owners that profess knowledge and interest in the subject are probably lying to make themselves look knowledgeable and important in their commoner neighbors eyes.
    And 100% of the rest of the world never cared in the first place.

  9. Blueprint is actually the Leon county commission and the Tallahassee city commission, right? It was obviously set up as a smoke screen for the crooked politicians in Leon county.
    So everyone can get mad at blueprint, and the commissioners feel our pain and then they can point their boney little fingers at “Blueprint” as well… and most of the people are never the wiser.

    What a crock.

  10. I’ve read enough about how that HOA treats its own residents to not give a darn about their opinions. The rest of Tallahassee doesn’t want to live by your rules. Maybe some of yall should move to The Villages and argue amongst yourselves about crab grass and leaves on neighbors roofs.

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