LCS Announces Teacher Resignations

LCS Announces Teacher Resignations

Editor’s note: This report was published to let people who have an interest in the public school system to know what teachers are leaving the system. It was not published to make any conclusions about the underlying reasons for the resignations. However, some limited information is provided by LCS about the separation. Given the response by the readers, we will publish a story tomorrow comparing the number resignations over the last five years.

Original Story

Leon County Schools released the names of 86 instructional staff who are resigning their positions. The period covered was noted as May 26th-June 14th and most of the resignations are effective on June 14, 2021.

The instructional staff resignations are on the Leon County School Board meeting agenda scheduled for June 15th. A list of the resignations are provided below.

According to the document below, the top reason listed for separation was resignation with no other explanation. Other reasons include moving (12), issues with teaching certificate (8), and regular retirement (3).


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  1. All those with certificate issues, i.e they couldn’t pass the GENERAL knowledge test, came from Rickards. Interesting. Rickards students aren’t getting certified teachers, just warm bodies. Someone should run the numbers of non-certified classroom instructors by school. Something tells me the little angels at Chiles have zero non-certified teachers while Godby and Rickards have tons.

  2. I started to post my thoughts about the responses thus far. After a moment’s consideration I concluded that this wasn’t the day to teach pigs to sing.

  3. I think the most interesting takeaway from that spreadsheet is that the “woke” Leon County School Board has a teacher position named “TCHR, TRAINABLE MENTALLY RETARDED.” I thought the term “mentally retarded” was verboten since the early 2000s?

  4. Before we jump to conclusions, consider this:
    1. Many teachers went on leave for the 2020-21 AY and their positions were held for them for 2021-22 AY.
    2. They were replaced by temp teachers for 2020-21 AY who were not guaranteed a position for 2021-22.
    3. The teachers on leave were recently offered to keep their jobs, but some elected not to (‘resigned while on leave’).
    4. Many of these resignations COULD be the temp teachers, but some were kept due to retirements and other resignations.

    Either way, as a dad of two in the LCS I am grateful for all the teachers who stepped up over the last year. Thank you for your work.

  5. Everyone knows where this is headed. The systemic failures of the Public Indoctrination System due to a warped ideology, a corrupt administration, and leftist leadership will be ignored and dismissed. Look for them to blame everything from white supremacy, economic inequality, to perhaps even Trump… then get ready to open your wallets.

    “Always More; Never Enough”

  6. Well now boys & girls you can just head on out to Pat Thomas Law Enforcement School.
    Chief Revell will hire 50 of you ex teachers and Sheriff McNeil will pick up the rest of you all ex teachers.
    Too much stress in the class room? You will enjoy chilling on the graveyard shift in one of our state of the art cruisers patrolling the Southside. Probley run into some of your ex students too. You know they are gonna want to discuss some Critical Race Theory with you ex teachers. Congratulations!!!

  7. May we wish them all well on their next endeavor. Hopefully it will be in a place where their interests are are the same as their employers and the utopia they seek is aligned with their beliefs …or non beliefs.

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