LCS Awards School Security Contract

LCS Awards School Security Contract

The Leon County School Board (LCSB) approved 5-0, the district contract for Dynamic Integrated Security (DIS) for the School Guardian program. The contract term is for two years with an option to renew for an additional three years.

DIS was created six years ago in order to expand operations in the U.S. The security company provides customized solutions to homeowners, businesses, community associations, and schools. DIS has a corporate location in Weston, Florida and an operations center in Sunrise, Florida.

The Guardian Program was established in 2018 through the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act. The program is intended to place armed personnel at every participating school to prevent or mitigate active assailant confrontations occurring on school grounds.

The LCSB Safety & Security department issued a request for proposals from qualified vendors for provisions of school guardian services. Three vendors submitted proposals and they were reviewed by a committee to evaluate the “merit and strength” of each vendor.

According to the committee’s evaluations Dynamic Integrated Security is the “highest scoring” vendor, based on their experience, qualifications, and the cost for their services. Dynamic Integrated Security beat out Barkley Security Agency and Integrity Guardians.

Tallahassee Reports has requested the fiscal impact for the contracted services from the LCSB and will update the story when the information is made available.

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  1. I looked them up after EL’s question about origination and found this:

    Dynamic Integrated Security’s story began in 2004 when a former member of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) created the security firm, Beit Alfa Security. His mission was to provide international corporations, such as Nestlé, Wyeth, Amway, and others with security services in South America.

  2. Wonder if our Sheriff and Police Chief were part of this decision? Will this cancel our School Resource Officer Program.

  3. “DIS was created six years ago in order to expand operations into the U.S.”

    … “into” the U.S.?… where did they originate and where are they headquartered?

    … just currious

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